Why should you try an international marriage agency in Ukraine?

If you’ve decided to try your luck with a Ukrainian girl, there are ways to improve your chances. For example, you could read upon dating culture in Easter Europe in order to avoid silly mistakes. Or you could start dating a person online before making a trip to Ukraine. Also, it’s strongly recommended to use matchmaking services of an international marriage in Ukraine. But what do they have to offer you? Let’s try to have a closer look at this question.

How do marriage agencies work in Ukraine?

Matchmaking services of a Ukrainian dating agency

There are several marriage agencies in every Ukrainian cities, and most of them are geared towards matchmaking services for the local women and foreign men. They put advertisements on the local newspapers, magazines an online inviting women of different age groups to come to their office and join the agency.

Yes, in the age of computer technologies and internet an international marriage agency in Ukraine encourages women to come in person. The idea behind this is establishing personal relations with girls in order to offer them better services. When a woman comes to the office, managers help her fill in profile fields and upload her photos. They also verify her identity, so there is no way a woman can deceive you about her age or appearance.

Then they put her profile on various dating sites they cooperate with. If a foreign man comes to their office in person, they show him their catalogue of women’s profiles, and he has an option of selecting the girls he likes. Then a manager gets connected with the girls and asks them whether they would like to go on a date with that man. If they agree, the staff will help a man to set up these dates.

As you can see, it’s a very comfortable way of getting to know the local girls in a new country. The majority of people in Ukraine don’t speak English, and approaching girls on the streets may prove to be rather challenging. Besides, not all the women you see on the streets, in public transport, in the gardens, parks, cafes and restaurants are interested in romance to start with, let along in romance with a foreigner. So using the services of an international marriage agency in Ukraine will save you a lot of time.

Personal approach

Find a Ukrainian bride using the services of an international marriage agency

Usually the marriage agency’s staff is very friendly, and they will ask you all sorts of questions in order to have an idea of what sort of girl you’d like to meet. As they know each woman from their catalogue in person, it’s easy for them to make some suggestions. If you’re in Ukraine for a short visit, it’s a wonderful option that will save your precious time.

If you want your future wife to have no bad habits, they won’t recommend you to meet a girl who smokes. If you’d like to date a lady who’s never been married before, they won’t suggest you to get acquainted with a divorced woman with three kids. Personal approach is one of the advantages of using the services of a marriage agency in Eastern Europe, and this is one of the reasons why it’s so popular among foreign men.

What sort of women can you find in a catalogue?

Usually an international marriage agency in Ukraine works with hot sexy brides of different age groups. There are girls who’ve just graduated from high school or college, there are young women in their twenties and thirties, and there are also mature ladies. You can also find all types of appearances among the Ukrainian women.

Before you make a choice, you should have a clear idea of what sort of woman you’re looking for. Is she your age or younger, divorced or never married, childfree or with kids, career orient or homely? The more specifications you can provide, the easier it will be for a manager to find your match.

And speaking of age, you may be happy to find out that Ukrainian girls don’t mind dating foreign men from the USA, Australia, Canada or Western Europe who are ten or even twenty years older. Age difference is not as important as your personal qualities, character traits, energy levels and overall charm.

Financial security is rather important, too. Generally speaking, western men age slower than their Ukrainian counterparts. This is due to a healthier lifestyle, sports and better eating habits. Ukrainian men tend to abuse alcohol and tobacco, and it reduces their life span like anything.

However, age shouldn’t be the only parameter when looking for a life partner in Ukraine. What’s the point of having a young girl as a wife if you have different goals in life? It’s much more important to see whether a woman is as family oriented as you are, and whether she’s willing to move to your country and settle down with you. Don’t ignore mature Ukrainian singles – they are real gems. Still beautiful, but already experienced and wise. They know for sure what they want in life. They are not there to play games.

Ukrainian girls looking for love abroad in an international marriage agency

Additional services in an international marriage agency

Apart from setting up dates for you, a marriage agency can offer a heap of other useful services. For example, you can order an airport transfer in one of these agencies, and they will meet you in the airport upon your arrival to Ukraine. It’s rather intimidating to come to a new country for the first time, and you’ll be happy to have a trustworthy and reliable driver at your side. Also, you won’t have to waste time searching for a taxi. It’s especially convenient if you arrive late at night. Other services include:

Translating and interpreting

In the world of today, it’s not necessary to use the services of a professional interpreter any longer. There are plenty of high end and easy to use apps and computer programs that allow you to express your thoughts in a foreign language and communicate with others. You can simply write a mail, copy and paste it in a special window and get a fairly reasonable translation. However, when you want to eliminate any possibility of the slightest misunderstanding, it’s advisable to use the services of a human interpreter.

An international marriage agency in Ukraine will offer you these services at a very reasonable price. You can discuss some important things with your girlfriend, like legalities, plans for the future, and so on. An interpreter will accompany the two of you to a cafe, park, garden or wherever you’re planning to have your date.

Group dates and romance tours

Lots of marriage agencies in Ukraine arrange so called romance tours where you get to visit Eastern Europe with a group of your compatriots. You’ll be taken to the most interesting locations around the city, but most importantly, they’ll arrange meetings with a large number of Ukrainian girls. It will maximise your chances to start a romantic relationship with one of them. Group dates are also popular – if you are a shy and introverted guy, perhaps you’d like to join other international couples on a date or two.


A typical international marriage agency in Ukraine usually cooperates with lots of real estate agents offering all sorts of accommodations for rent. There are hostels, luxurious hotels, guest houses and apartments for rent. The majority of foreign men who come to meet local girls prefer to say in a related apartment for an entire duration of their visit. The further from the city centre, the cheaper the cheaper apartments you’ll get.

Tours around the city

They can also arrange a sightseeing tour for you, so you would have a closer look at the city your girlfriend grew up in. You’ll be able to visit all sorts of sight, including architectural masterpieces, museums, gardens and squares.

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These were only some thoughts on why you should visit the matchmaking services of an international marriage agency in Ukraine. Don’t ignore this option if you are going to make a trip to Eastern Europe.

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