Why hookups in Ukraine is your best idea for a vacation

In previous decades, Ukraine has been underestimated as a sex tourism resort although the potential is so huge. At the end of 90s, westerners were coming there for model-looking wives.

When this boom was over, the world has changed already and many singles understood the no-strings-attached relationships are more beneficial. Hot Ukrainian girls seem to now accept that too.

Beaches and best clubs in Ukraine

A single traveler should know, beach leisure in this country isn’t just limited by Odessa. There are in fact too many seacoast cities in Ukraine like Berdyansk, Genichesk, Mykolaiv, Chernomorsk.

Until 2014, the best choice for traveling was Crimea, but now it’s a Russian and slightly militarized territory. So, beautiful Ukrainian cities like Skadovsk and Zatoka remain favourites.

If one is fond of fancy nightlife, then Odessa is the number one option for him. There is an opinion, that Odesa restaurants and nightclubs are even more luxurious and creative than in Kyiv.

Ibiza club, Itaka, Morgan club, Zazhigalka, they all became classic and provide with the sexiest girls ever. Make sure you visit them to create the most memorable and horny moments to remember.

Fine food and top restaurants

It is known modern westerners know how to save money and stay on budget. Most of them tend not to visit pricey restaurants abroad. But best places to eat in Ukraine are really affordable and worthy of trying.

Although cuisines of all nationalities are presented in Ukraine without exception, it is surely advised to try amazing and delicious local food, first of all. Sexy girls can be easily met there too!

Pervak in Kyiv, Kumanets in Odessa, Stargorod in Nikolaev, those are just a few examples of fine Ukrainian food in the nicest environment. Live music, beautiful waitresses, and moderate prices are included!

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Hottest striptease in Europe

If you think the best strip clubs are in cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, reconsider that. First, take into account the enormous pricing in those places, and second, Ukrainian models are hotter!

Chances are high that in best rated striptease clubs in the world you’ll meet a lot of ladyboys and dancers with some significant plastic surgery. While in Ukraine, beautiful girls are all-natural.

Le Rouge and Burlesque in Odessa, Darling Club and Princess Men’s Club in Kiev, Love Club in Dnepr, all these five star strip clubs with fair prices are worthy of visiting at least once during your trip.

Great nature spots for day game

Beautiful sceneries is what we also seek in our trips. Ukraine has a lot to offer, since it all looks cosy and peaceful, but at the same time, well-groomed and clean. Ugly places are very rare there.

Most single tourists prefer to take rest somewhere close to water. Not only Black Sea coastline, but also Sivash lake and Pink lake in Genichesk, Synevir lake among Carparthian Mountains are best options.

These Instagrammable spots are good for getaways when you have already found your sugar baby or a casual lover in Ukraine. While parks and little forests are perfect for day game and first conversation.

Sofiyivka Park pickup

One will miss a lot if he doesn’t visit this very special place. It’s always nicely crowded with young curious personals, from sexy students to single moms seeking fun and bright impressions.

The Park itself is totally scenic and magnificent. There’s a story behind it about the strongest love of Potocki Knight towards gorgeous Sofia. He built the park specially for her, to make love in pretty gazebos.

Showing your erudition and interest in this story is a great way to pickup a girl in Ukraine who also came to see the Sofiyivka Park. Ask her to take a photo with your camera and initiate a talk.

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Nikolaev Zoo day game

This unique Zoo is rather a park as well, so many nice trees are growing on its territory. There are dozens of stylish benches everywhere with sexy girls sitting on them and waiting for some ice-cream.

It’s a good idea to bring it to them and ask a few words about the animals in big spacious cages. Most young women in such places of culture speak English, otherwise, you can practice a few Russian words.

Odessa City Garden pickup

Here’s one secret from professional pickupers, one cannot find a better place in Ukraine for meeting hot girls than a famous City Garden in Odessa. There are many clear reasons for that.

Odessa is literally a capital of beautiful models and fine food in Ukraine. The City Garden is situated right in the heart of it, among prestigious Universities and best restaurants in Odessa.

Although it’s a small spot, it has everything one needs for meeting new single personals. Cosy benches, tall romantic trees, a few high-rated cafes and bars right on its territory for taking the best drinks.

Friends and Beer, for example, is a famous local brewery with fresh beer and best food. Invite there a hot girl you see, or drink some beer and go out for your most successful day game.

European Square and Sofiivska Square in Kyiv

These are most popular spots for tourists in Kiev who enjoy walking, taking pictures, and meeting Ukrainian girls freely. Situated between the main street and Maidan, European Square is spectacular.

One can be totally sure he will meet beautiful Kyiv girls, sexy female students, hot single tourists who are also interested in new meetings. This popular spot is nice-looking during any season.

The same about Sofiivska Square called the most visited place in all Kiev. The main city Christmas Tree is always placed there, as well as all-year-round fair trade kiosks and decorated benches.

Although there are many beautiful landscapes and best parks in Kyiv, these two spots are ideal for day game and open endless hookup possibilities for those interested in horny Ukrainian models.

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