How we work

This dating blog is called to provide prompt informational help in all issues starting from acquaintance with your mate and then assisting you in development of your relationship.

Following our blog regularly improves your pickup skills, conflicts resolution skills, anti-stress skills, your call for family duties and overall responsibility.

We particularly focus on Ukrainian dating and give a piece of advice on each matter connected with it.
International dating is still full of stereotypes and patterns. We welcome our users to reconsider those patterns and develop their own positive scenarios.

A man and woman’s relationship, starting from their search, acquaintance, flirt to serious decisions taken together, is a complicated many-levelled structure and we make it much easier and lighter. Our Experts’ team is always here to comment the most common conditions, mistakes, and pitfalls of international dating.

The area of sex is still badly studied by scientists and psychologists. We post all newest strategies and tutorials available in this field of knowledge, and help your hook-ups or your family life become much brighter.

Mutual commitment is something you cannot fake or imitate, it should be natural and real before you two make any further steps. We assist that process of self-development and accompany every single or married person on their way to a happy private life.

Our blogs and articles consist of successful daters’ and professional psychologists’ opinions, quotes of famous people who found harmony in their relationships, and scientific researches on the subject.

Every day, we clearly show and prove that international dating is a source of joy and efficient union that changed many people’s life to the better. We encourage our users to believe and act and protect their mind from unnecessary disappointments.

Ukrainian mentality differs from anything you encountered before, as it’s far from Russian and other Eastern European mentality, and has nothing to do with Western or Asian mentality. However, it’ll surprise you how compatible it is with Western values and aspirations.

We are totally sure our recommendations, dating tips, and lifehacks will be useful for you if you’re interested in Ukrainian women and successful relationship in general.
Did you know that a simple hookup and a short fling require not less efforts and responsibility than serious relationships? You are responsible for your own pleasure, for your partner’s pleasure, for your good memories afterwards, and it’s a thorough psychological work, it’s also a kind of self-improvement. Do you want us to help you on that way? If so – join us today!

Many couples that are together for years, are complaining about the lack of understanding and happiness. It shouldn’t be like that. Both ancient and modern love recipes exist for our better navigation in the waves of life. Let’s learn and repeat them together to make sure we use all possible sources for raising the quality of our sexual life, emotional life, and togetherness.