Who should adapt: Ukraine wife or western husband?

When you date internationally, there’s always a difference of cultures, and this is something that one should be prepared for. Your Ukraine wife might have a different view of relationships, and different expectations from a Western man. However, while these two cultures have possible differences, most Slavic societies, such as that of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, for example, are more similar than they are different from each other. This means that once you know what to expect, getting along with a Slavic woman, and meeting her expectations is easy.

Even cultures that are at odds with each other at the moment – for example, Ukraine and Russia – actually have a great deal in common, with many shared attitudes and beliefs. The only difference would be in the fact that Ukrainians might have a culture that is outgoing and direct, while Russians tend to emotional control, and a definite pride in education and culture. Yet Russians and Ukrainians can easily adapt to each other, and the same applies to you as well – once you know what to expect from a Slavic woman, in terms of culture, it is easy to engage her half-way.

Ukrainian woman for marriage with a foreign man

Mutual adaptation

However, there will still have to be some adaptation, and usually from both sides. Part of meeting and courting a Slavic woman is meeting her expectations of who should adapt to whose culture. A western man, expecting his Ukraine wife to move to his country, usually automatically assumes that she will be the one to adapt to his culture, but such might not be the case.

 A woman from Eastern Europe usually has a great deal of pride in her cultural heritage, and rightfully so, and might well expect a western man to be willing to adapt to her.

 This is not to say that Slavic women are not adaptable – Slavic women might well be the most adaptable in the world. But her pride in her own culture demands that you meet her at least halfway, and if you expect her to move to an entirely new country, and to live in the midst of a culture that will, at first, be strange to her – that you also make concessions. Try your very best to make life easier for her, and to see things from her point of view.

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Even better than meeting each other half-way is for both partners in the relationship doing their very best to help each other – which is how things should always be in a truly loving relationship anyway. So, your first encounters with a Ukrainian woman should be about not only learning everything you can about her, but also about learning about her individual expectations and then gearing yourself up to meet them. Don’t expect her to change, or lower her expectations after she moves to your country – instead, be ready to meet her all the way in fulfilling them.

Traditional family values are the core

This isn’t very difficult when you think of it. After all, the expectations she will have of you are usually the very reasons you will be attracted to her. Slavic women are clever and well educated, yet still have traditional family values. Those traditional family values are exactly why many western men are attracted to beautiful Ukrainian women in the first place, because she’s a wonderful person to build a family with, and will be a wonderful mother for a child.

Yet you must remember that she is an intelligent, thinking human being, and give that consideration. Always treat here with the deepest respect, and make sure she knows that you value her intellect and her education.

Ukrainian girl married to a western man

What your Ukraine wife will appreciate

Similarly, if what you value in a Slavic woman is her deep sense of family values, then you must bring the same value for family to the table as well. A Ukrainian woman will not appreciate a philanderer. When you enter a relationship with an Eastern European woman, she brings a near perfect personality to the relationship – beauty, intelligence, and dedication to family.

In return, she will expect you to value the family you create just as much as she does, and she will also expect you to be as dedicated to her and she is to you. If you choose to have cheap flirtations with other women after you are married, you can be sure she will not appreciate this. But if you appreciate her, respect her and cherish her, you can be sure that she will do her very best to make you happy, and will do her best to keep your relationship strong, and to take care of the family you will create together. You’ve managed to win the heart of a Ukrainian woman, but you shouldn’t take that for granted once you’re married.

So, you see, your expectations aren’t really all that different from those of a Ukrainian woman after all. You just have to be sure that you will put as much into meeting her expectations as she will into meeting yours.

And that, after all, is really the basis of any successful relationship.

How to help her adapt

Here’s how you can work with your Ukraine wife to build a glowing relationship…

Help her to bridge the gap between cultures

Remember that if she moves to your country, even simple things might be strange to her at first – the way people greet each other, what traditions are common, and what are not, what holidays are celebrated, even the way fares on public transport work. She might even use her cutlery differently. These are all relatively minor things, agreed, and easily surmounted – IF one has a loving, caring and understanding partner who helps one every step of the way. This is exactly what you need to be, and if you are, this cultural clash will not last more than a month or two before your partner adapts perfectly.

Meet Ukrainian women for marriage

Encourage her to have more friends

When a person moves to another country, they can’t help feeling isolated and lonely.

No matter how loving and caring you are, one person is not enough to fill one’s world. You should help your Ukraine wife build a decent social circle to have enough people to interact with – friends, acquaintances, and neighbours.

Perhaps you have Russian speaking communities in your city – encourage her to contact those people and find a friend or two. Introduce her to your own friends and try to go out with them as often as possible. Your family’s support will be greatly appreciated, too. Your parents, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts – everyone should be friendly and inviting with your wife. Also, attend the local events with her – weddings, birthdays, public gatherings and so on.

Different systems of education

Education is emphasized in many Eastern European cultures – while both you and your wife will be qualified in different fields, it is likely that you will be equally qualified. You must respect this, and treat your wife as an educated and intelligent person. If you do this, you will have a wonderful relationship.

 A Ukrainian woman may be family oriented, but she certainly is also proud of her education and intelligence. Don’t try to emphasize that you are intellectually superior – for one thing, that is potentially not true at all – instead, work together to establish a relationship of equals who both respect one another.

What makes things easier

Slavic women are amazingly resilient, with an attitude to life that is nothing short of heroic. So long as you show her that you value her, you can be sure that any cultural friction will soon be a thing of the past. Not only that, but you will have won a partner for life, one who will stand by you, not only when things are going well, but through all the storms of life. She will, in fact, be exactly what you thought of her when you married her – the ideal woman.

These are only some of the suggestions on how you can help your Ukraine wife adapt in a new country. But of course, each person is unique and different, and perhaps we haven’t mentioned something that will definitely work in your case. All in all, lots of love, attention and genuine care is bound to help her adapt faster.

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