Which town is considered as the city of brides in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a small country with a rich history and generous nature. It is in such a country that extraordinary women are born, tender and responsive.

One of the rules of education in Ukraine is that a woman should be a chatelaine. This is what happens. Usually, a Ukrainian woman is considered as independent, she is not afraid of problems. However, you should not imagine an unprincipled woman. Ukrainians have a cheerful and gentle disposition; they are kind and always tolerant.

The colourful traditions of Ukraine have always attracted the attention of other nationalities with their rich diversity. The Ukrainian wedding is no exception: its saturation with fascinating rites, which were introduced by distant ancestors, is of considerable interest. Even having superficially studied at least one wedding custom of Ukrainians, you will immediately be convinced that Ukrainians can boast of an original approach to wedding matters.

She attracts you as well- educated woman

Among the beautiful cities in Ukraine there are some of them considered as “city of brides”. The most charming women are living there and looking for partners for long-term relations.

City of brides and legendary feats – town Nikolaev

The city is known far beyond the borders of the country. They are attracted to “city of brides” by their beautiful residents, whose fame for their beauty has long been surfing the Internet and has crossed more than one continent and ocean.

Nikolaev is called the city of brides. Where does such fame come from? Also from the time of Potemkin-Tauride. Nikolaev could just as well be called the “city of grooms”: after all, it was built by male shipbuilders who were brought “to distant lands” to the desert.

The monument as the symbol of beautiful brides

The lack of beautiful women was felt very strongly, and many, even serfs, strove to escape. Then the prince found a way: the most beautiful girls began to be brought from all surrounding villages to the city under construction. Legend has it that the acquaintance went like this: men and young women lined up opposite each other on Admiral’s Square. Couples formed, and mass weddings were immediately arranged: the young went to get married in a church.

Near the local registry office is a monument to the bride. True, this is not a girl from Potemkin times, but rather our contemporary in a shortened dress and sandals. Some kind of sad girl with her flower! In Nikolaev, they joke about the two-meter sculpture, calling it “a monument to the abandoned bride.” Nevertheless, people believed that if lovers rub a girl’s veil, they would never part. Nikolaev is covered with other legends that the guides will tastefully tell you; even a book about them was published.

How did the first “mass” weddings take place in Nikolaev?

Memories of the first weddings, which were held in city of brides are registered from . The original matchmaking process, or the choice of a future bride, took place on the main square. All the brides participated were lined up, and then the doors of the barracks were opened, in which the grooms were waiting for their weddings. Men chose brides for themselves, often as if they were lucky. According to one version, the process of choosing a life partner was a game of catch-up: a man caught up with a woman and led her down the aisle. However, if no one managed to catch up with a woman, then she had every right to choose her husband on her own.

The city of brides nowadays

The situation has changed over the years. The city of brides prepares surprises for overseas men. The marriage agencies are engaged in the organization of “wedding” tourism, which in Nikolaev in recent years has grown like mushrooms after rain. According to various sources, there are about 150 of them in the city, starting from small fish in number of 5 girls, and ending with large whales on the marital business field. Like any tourism, a marriage trip is expensive for foreigners, and agencies and girls have from such tours, not only bread, but also butter for it.

Females of a gorgeous town Odessa

Women have always been the pride of the city of brides – Odessa. The mixture of blood of many nationalities brought a separate type of woman: the Odessa woman is beautiful, independent, strong.

Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and other industrial cities gave primacy to the male miner. Factories, mines – this is male territory, so it is the destiny of women in those regions to obey and take pride of place at the stove.

Only the woman in Odessa, can close her eyes to the rules of taste and good taste, hang all her gold on herself, do manicure and full make-up and, taking the purse in her hands, go to “Privoz” market to buy  fish and fruits. Moreover, in the evening she can arrange a performance at home: a proud and freedom-loving Odessa woman will play humility before her husband. Let him think that the main one.

Intelligent Ukrainian women live in Odessa

Modern residents of South Palmyra do not even cover up their independence and more often live without legal husbands. Divorcing in Odessa has become almost fashionable. Today in city of brides, there are 14 women for 10 men, but there is no battle for men. Women are already accustomed to resolve all issues themselves, and only for the reason that men allowed it.

The tongue will not turn to claim that men in Odessa are squishy or losers. The cavalcades of expensive foreign cars with smug drivers on the city’s transport arteries and million private houses suggest the opposite. These Odessa women are so strong in spirit that they are able to control strong men as well.

Some figures allow us to judge the beautiful inhabitants of city of brides. 1 million 266 thousand women live in Odessa region, which makes up 53.1% of the total population of the region. For every thousand women there are an average of 885 men (with an average of 860 in Ukraine). In the category of 34 years and older, women predominate in terms of population, and men below this age. On average, 1 thousand 142 men are accounted for 1 thousand women under 34 years. Women in the city of brides Odessa still dream of marriages with foreigners. Last year, 800 residents of Odessa got married abroad.

Kiev – capital of charming brides

Today, out of 2.5 million residents of Kiev, more than 1.5 million are women. Everyone can get married and have children later, but at the same time, giving birth in the capital is still increasing. If the average age is 30.5 years, then the average age of men is 32.5 years.

The international travel magazine “Travellers Digest”, recognized city of brides – Kiev as the city where the most beautiful women in the world. The capital of Ukraine was recognized as the “home” of the most attractive ladies. According to the compilers of the rating, in addition to the natural beauty, the girls of Kiev are famous for their education: any girl can maintain a “literary” conversation and easily talk on the topic of philosophy. Their inner and outer beauty captivates foreigners.

The drafters of the rating are sure that “a visit to city of brides Kiev is awesome, and it’s hard to believe that such beauties even exist.” The digest indicates that the women of Kiev “are not as clumsy as their Russian counterparts.” Anyone who visits the Kiev Hydropark in the summer on the Venetian and Dolobetsk islands between the Dnieper and Rusaniv Strait can be convinced of this.

Kiev – capital of glamorous brides

Due to low salaries, many women begin to look towards more financially prosperous European countries. Salaries in Ukraine are many times lower than, for example, in Russia; it is not surprising that many want to leave.

Unlike Western peers, women of city of brides Kiev are subject to such sociocultural influence as care pressure – grandmothers, mothers, and friends exert pressure on them, urging them to connect themselves as soon as possible. They become beautiful wives: they quickly learn other languages, they cook well, and they bring up children. However, some of his Europeans complain that at first, the Ukrainian spouses behave very gently and affectionately, and then, having already married, they begin to command.

It is hard to imagine that somewhere in Western Europe; wives begin to indicate what to wear or how to do it. They respect that their husbands are adults. Ukrainian wives, on the contrary, like to keep everything under control. They can say, for example: “Take off this terrible tie immediately, otherwise I won’t go anywhere with you.”

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