What do people from Ukraine look like – facial features and body types

If you’re thinking of meeting a girl from Ukraine on a dating site, perhaps you are curious to find out more about the country. One of the most interesting questions is what do people from Ukraine look like? Well, if you’ve already started browsing through profiles of pretty Ukrainian women on a dating site, you’ve noticed that girls from Ukraine are exceptionally beautiful.

They have regular feature, clear skin, slim bodies and excellent proportions. Yet it’s difficult to describe an average Ukrainian person – there are just too many types of appearance around the country. But let’s have a closer look at this question.

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What do you Ukrainian people look like in different regions?

A great many people in the country belong to so called “central Ukrainian” anthropological type. Its distinctive characteristics include a round head, fairly large eyes, usually brown in colour, straight nose and broad face. More than half of the Ukrainian population can be described this way.

In the southern part of the country there are lots of men with dark brown to black hair, thick beard and extensive body hair. They look similar to the people who live at the border with Poland and Romania in the Carpathian region, but they’re predominantly taller in height.

The north of the country is marked by the abundance of fair-haired people of medium height. Their typical facial features include distinctive eyebrows, massive chin, broad face and green, grey or hazel eyes. This anthropological type can be found not only in Ukraine, but also in the western regions of Russia, as well as in Belarus and some Baltic countries.

If you wonder what do people from Ukraine look like in the west, they are similar to ethnicities in Romania, Slovakia and the Balkan Peninsula. They are known to have extremely dark hair and eyes, convex nasal bridge and narrow faces. Their height is smaller compared to the height of an average Ukrainian person in other parts of the country.

Typical appearance of people in Ukraine

Reasons behind the good looks of Ukrainians

Generally speaking, Ukrainians are pleasant looking nations. The main reason behind their good looks lies within an extremely diverse genetic pool. Appearance of present day Ukrainian people is a subtle amalgamation of many genetics from different geographic locations of the planet.

The country had been repeatedly invaded and conquered over the centuries, with many nations leaving their imprint on the genetic pool. It explains the diversity of anthropological types and typical appearances in present day Ukraine. While some countries were left relatively untouched for extended periods of time, Ukraine had often been in the middle of political conflicts and wars.

Asian and European nations used to make numerous attempts of conquering the country and make it part of their empires and states. Good looks of an average Ukrainian person are defined by enriched genetic pool. Vikings, Mongolians, Turks, Tatars and Western European nations have contributed to the mix during various periods of Ukraine’s turbulent history. That’s why it’s impossible to give a short answer to the question what do people from Ukraine look like.

Dramatic difference between the way Ukrainian men and women look

Men and women in Ukraine are equally gifted by nature where appearance is concerned. And no wonder, they share the same genetics, after all. However, Ukrainian males tend to lose their god looks rather quickly. They look particularly attractive in their late teens and early twenties, but by the age of twenty five their good looks tend to fade away.

There are several reasons to this phenomenon. Firstly, Ukrainian men are prone to bad habits. They smoke, drink and do drugs since they are fairly young. Besides, the imbalanced male-to-female ratio in Ukraine allows them to find partners for a romantic relationship without taking any trouble. Under such circumstances, they don’t take any particular care of their appearance. And why should they if it’s so easy to get a girlfriend anyway?

Ukrainian women, on the contrary, tend to preserve their good looks till the advanced age. They don’t engage in bad habits and take a very good care of their health and appearance. Ukrainian women tend to compete for a man’s attention, and so they try to look particularly attractive and seductive.

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What makes an average Ukrainian girl so pretty?

If you walk along the streets of any Ukrainian city, you’d be amazed at the number of gorgeous females. Sometimes a foreign man can see more attractive girls during a short bus ride in Ukraine than during his entire life in his home country. So what are the reasons behind this striking beauty?

Well, we’ve already mentioned the diverse genetic pool. Ukrainian women are gifted with pleasant facial features, thick and beautiful hair, long legs, good posture and slim bodies. If you still wonder what do people from Ukraine look like, make a Google search on popular singers, actresses and models.

The real thing about the Ukrainian women is prioritizing appearance. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but in Ukraine it doesn’t work – a book will inevitably be judged by its cover. Attractive appearance is part of an image of a successful, well-bred woman. Ukrainian girls are taught to take care of their looks since they are very young. If you don’t look your best, it’s harder to succeed in life. Someone more attractive will take your boyfriend and your dream job.

Feminine style of clothing

While western women tend to prioritize comfort where clothes are concerned, Ukrainian girls always go for alluring looks and eye-catchy style. They love stylish outfits and choose them with a lot of care. A Ukrainian girl manages to look stylish and even glamorous even if her financial situation could be considered disastrous in the west.

In summer, women in this part of Eastern Europe tend to expose as much skin as possible. You’ll meet Ukrainian ladies wearing miniskirts, shorts, crop tops, flowing blouses and dresses, and it’s a very aesthetically pleasing site. In winter, many Ukrainian girls manage to wear something alluring as well, in spite of the cold.

One thing to remember if you’re thinking of dating a Ukrainian girl is that she’ll pay a lot of attention to your appearance as well. Wrinkled t-shirts and a pair of old jeans won’t do. You’ll have to make sure your clothes are stylish, neat and carefully ironed. It doesn’t have to be anything out of this world, but you are supposed to maintain certain standards when dating sexy Ukrainian women.

Healthy lifestyle

Lots of Ukrainian girls are fitness enthusiasts and healthy eaters. They regularly work out to keep in shape and make sure they don’t gain extra weight. Lots of them even purchase scales to keep at home in to monitor their weight on regular basis and take measures just in time to prevent a “disaster”.

They regularly work out in a gym or attend dancing classes. They jog in the Local Park or cycle around the city. Also, they prefer walking to using a public transport, and this kind of attitude benefit their stunning looks like anything. An average Ukrainian girl is also very active in day to day life.

They rarely smoke, and drink only socially at certain occasions. This kind of lifestyle makes a dramatic contrast to the way Ukrainian male choose to live. This is one of the reasons why so many Ukrainian women search for a husband abroad. An average man in the west have more in common with them than an average Ukrainian man, unfortunately.

These were only some observations on what do people from Ukraine look like. Needless to say, one can’t generalise when it comes to describing the whole nation. If you’re curious, making a trip to Ukraine is the best way to learn more about its people, both men and women alike.

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