Ukrainian wife is the happiness, safety and confidence

A certain stage of inner maturity of a man is accompanied by the emergence of new issues, most of which are related to where and how to find a wife. By the age when the career and life is arranged or about it became clear where to go, the man understands that temporary companions take too much effort, are not a reliable support, and the life values themselves change and you want to have an understanding person next to you.

In this question “how to find a wife” you need to decide on your own requirements, wishes and life goals. The better a person knows himself, the easier it is to choose a partner and the easier it is to build a relationship with him. Someone important that the wife emphasized the status, and he will choose on appearance and the received education, another wants that it was the faithful friend sharing views of life and then appearance will be minor, there are also those who are interested how to find the rich wife, and for them criteria absolutely other.

What should be first steps

Try as accurately as possible to imagine your future life, with which you will be comfortable. Marriage is the place where you can be, to reveal their inner side and improve. That is why it makes sense to look among loved ones, but not to be deceived by the first impression. If you like a girl, she can make tremendous efforts to win your love, but not to be Frank. Such relationships are destroyed in a couple of years, when it becomes impossible for her to smile at what she thought were shortcomings, and you will not eradicate it in yourself, because initially you chose the person who accepts you this way. Try, but even if the head settled confidence in his chosen one, survive a year – usually this time is enough to get people to know each other in different situations, several times showed many of their negative qualities. If for a long time you still want to stay with a girl, you can get married, if you constantly want to correct her behavior and views, it is better to lower the person to live his life.

By the way, by American standards, wedding of a couple with Ukrainian should be very modest: for the United States it is – a pompous event with many guests and accessories, perfectly matched to the outfits of the newlyweds. Therefore, American women begin to prepare for the wedding since adolescence.

Now Mrs. Bell is settling into her new home. Adaptation is not easy because of the different climate – the couple live at an altitude of 1600 meters from sea level. Therefore, says Natalia, at first it was spinning and a headache. But the advantages – beautiful nature, responsiveness of local residents, and, of course, a loving husband – still more.

“In the US, I had a feeling that I can make all my dreams come true. For example, to become a fitness instructor, what I have long dreamed of. For some reason in Ukraine I saw only obstacles, not opportunities, I did not believe in myself. America has changed me for these 4 months very much,” says Natalia.

And though before her husband knew little about the fact of the existence of Ukraine, now advises his friends to marry only Ukrainians. After all, they are caring, intelligent, educated, able to farm and cook delicious borsch.

Surrogate mother as a chance

Galina married a German in 2006. The couple settled in Hungary, where soon they had a son. The first two years the international family lived soul to soul: the German treated the foreign wife tenderly and simply adored the kid.

But as soon as the child was three years old, a man without good reason suddenly filed for divorce, and even wrote an application to the court for registration of unilateral custody of the child in Hungary.

That’s when the incredible truth surfaced, worthy of a Hollywood script. It turned out that before Galina the man was married to his compatriot, but they could not give birth to a child. Therefore, the German decided to marry a foreigner, get an heir, and then select the baby through the court to raise him with his German wife.

The German decided to marry a foreigner, get an heir, and then select the baby through the court to raise him with his German wife.

While the lawsuit lasted, the German took away the son by force from Galina, having ordered her to come back home “as if nothing had happened”. In despair, the woman asked for help in the human rights civil organization.

Human rights activists linked the young mother with the Ukrainian Embassy in Hungary and Hungarian non-governmental organizations. However, Ukrainian diplomats refused to help the woman. But she still won the court with the help of a Hungarian organization: the baby was returned to his mother, and would-be father completely deprived of parental rights.

Now Galina is raising a child with her mother in Ukraine, and family life with a foreigner is trying to forget how a nightmare. 

Association from the history

Why abroad Ukrainian women are not associated with a strong Princess Olga, formed by Yaroslavna, militant Amazons, wise Roksolana, and beautiful, but weak slaves, continuing in the 21st century to replenish other people’s harems?

One of the reasons lies in our politicians, who are responsible for the formation of a positive image of the citizens of Ukraine abroad.

“In order to understand Ukrainian, just look at her own eyes, when they start to bloom chestnuts in Kiev. And in Ukrainian cities will begin to undress women. To see this beauty is wonderful,” he said then.

Such sexist remarks from diplomats are simply not acceptable in a civilized society. However, as experts note, the stereotype of beautiful, but weak-willed Ukrainian Housewives still has deep roots in history.

Sociologist and doctor of sociology Lyudmila Males explains that the Soviet state benefited from the fact that women were not only limited and weak-willed, but also carried the burden of “protecting the hearth”. After all, even when at the time of stagnation in the USSR the defense sphere developed at a frantic pace, technological innovations were created, space was conquered, the daily life of citizens continued to be difficult.

“In the era of space and computer technology, not only a dishwasher or a washing machine, but also disposable diapers until the collapse of this superpower in our lives was not,” says Males.

She clarifies that the specifics of a totalitarian society is such that all the daily worries were shifted to the woman, and the consciousness of the man-screw is normally perceived.

“Not political and legal freedom in the case of women was supplemented by the words of the same early Soviet propaganda – “kitchen slavery” and the dictate of the deficit, because all her non-working time, even at the expense of physical recovery, she had to spend in queues, and then – in the kitchen, in the bathroom, at the sewing machine,” – recalls the sociologist.

And even the collapse of the USSR did not make life easier for women. Ukrainian society has long been accustomed to the fact that they, regardless of the profession should take care of the daily survival of the family, the man is more free in self-development, self-realization in the economy, politics, military sphere.

Choose a right image of yourself, you shouldn’t follow stereotypes

This image of a strong mother-saver is actively picked up by the national media and promoted by various talk shows. Because of the imposed stereotypes, Ukrainian women are constantly faced with unjustified gender discrimination at work. Thus, according to the State statistics service, women are paid 35% less than men working in a similar position, because they are “breadwinners”.  

Because of the imposed stereotypes, Ukrainian women are constantly faced with unjustified gender discrimination.

That is why, torn between home and work duties, tired of hopelessness and financial needs, Ukrainian women are looking for better conditions for life abroad.

As they say, herself be like that, you want to see in others. Never be rude to your husband, children, friends. Be warmer, kinder, more positive. Do not forget about the need for mutual understanding. Do not be one of those people who know how to keep everyone in suspense just because they themselves had a hard day. A good wife always talks to her husband, keeping a pleasant tone of voice, and always meets her husband with a smile, not with a sour face.

But whether the fate of the emigrant will end with a fairy tale or a summary in the criminal chronicle is a matter of chance. History knows many happy international love stories, but also tragedies – not less.

For girls who still decided to look for a life partner abroad, human rights activists advise, first of all, to remember their safety. And to hold the first meeting with a foreigner on the territory of Ukraine. After all, the house and walls help.

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