Site Rules

The site use

These Terms are written for our users’ convenience and simplifying the process of interaction between the site and the target audience.
The site is a blog platform consisting of articles, essays, and other helpful materials dedicated to international dating.

The user is a person who visits our site and decides to read our materials regularly with the purpose of learning and applying the gained knowledge.

The target audience is a circle of people 18-70 years old, mostly 20-45 years old, both men and women from any country worldwide, who are interested in local dating, international dating, Ukrainian dating, improving their family life, and other topics suggested and enlightened by our authors.

The materials are sets of articles and other texts, optionally with illustrations, published on our site and aimed to educate people in areas of personal life and marriage.

The authors are respected and proven experts in areas of dating, relationships, wedding organization, marital issues, and family life. The authors are chosen by us by our own criterion, and are a part of our team.

The team consists of the authors, assistants, customer support, administrators, managers, and other staff. Our team is united by common principles of work and ethics and possesses mutual respect towards our users.

The user fully understands his responsibility to behave correctly, not to misuse the comments field or Contact us field, be respectful towards the authors, other users, and owners of the site.

Copyright and juridical restrictions

The user realizes and fully accepts that all articles, hereby called the materials, published on the site are owned by the authors and the site team. Accordingly to that, they cannot be stolen, copied and shared without allowance, printed and distributed without allowance, and misused with the commercial purpose in any other way.

On another hand, any user can suggest his own authorship for our further cooperation. However, he is restricted from giving any false data, copying other authors’ texts, practicing plagiarism and breaking other corresponding laws and rules.

The user fully realizes that we as the site owners have the right to reject his suggestions, materials, or his candidature in case we’re not interested at the moment.

If the user is accepted by us as our author, from that moment, all his works are totally protected by the copyright, local and international laws and published upon our mutual agreement. Publishing of 2 and more articles of the same author is called a cooperation and requires a stronger commitment from both sides.