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  1. 認識動物之家的環境、工作人員的辛勞與流浪動物的議題
  2. 讓台灣的下一代能了解「毛孩是生命」領養不棄養的重要性
  3. 學會如何與狗狗互動,我們會讓學生牽浪浪到戶外,體驗如何與狗狗散步、喝水、撫摸及互動…等
  4. 「浪浪知多少」的學習式測驗,讓學生能在測驗中了解流浪動物的重要知識
  5. 練習寵物攝影技巧,用照片的交流去除語言的隔閡,更用心感受浪浪的生命價值

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If you are teaching a class about photography, one of the first things you will need to do is start discussing what you will be teaching students. The topic of your lesson is an important part of choosing your photographs, so you will want to choose a subject that will interest your students and get them interested in taking photos as well. You should also consider the subject of your course when you are deciding which photography skills you would like your students to learn.

A good example of a subject for your class about photography would be a photograph of a person’s home or office. This is an extremely common subject for many photographs, and it can be quite boring for the student who is taking the photograph. One way to make it more interesting is to show the student how they can use the different aspects of the camera to make the most out of the photograph. Some of these aspects include: exposure, lighting, flash, etc.

Another subject that you may want to discuss is a photograph of your family. Most parents love to see their children’s favorite photographs on the walls of the home, but some parents may be intimidated by taking photographs. As long as the child is not hurting the camera or anything else, you can teach your students some tips about taking photographs without causing injury to yourself or the camera. For example, if the child is standing in front of the camera and facing them, they should have the photographer to move back a few feet before taking the picture. This will avoid any unnecessary accidents and also help the child to get a better view of the surroundings, so that they can get a better idea of how to compose their photograph.

If you are going to teach a class about photography, you may want to discuss how to take photos in low light. Even though you may have taken the photo in a natural environment, you may have experienced problems with lighting. Even the best photo of the year might not turn out well when you have a shadow or a low light situation to deal with.

Once you have discussed lighting, you should explain what happens when the sun goes down, and when it’s time to expose the image. It’s important to make sure that all of your students know what their camera settings should be in order to take the photograph with the lowest amount of light possible. You should also explain how to use the light meter to ensure that the exposure levels are correct.

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Another great subject matter that you should discuss is the effects of flash on the subject. This may be a difficult subject for some people because it seems obvious, but it’s something that many photographers don’t realize.

A good way to teach this subject is to show how the flash can be used to create a certain effect or enhance the photo. Using this subject in your photography class can provide your students with some real-world skills that will make it easier to create their own unique photographs. These skills can then be transferred into their own photography business and allow them to make more money in a field where photography is very competitive.

If you are interested in teaching about photography, you may also want to talk about subjects such as commercial photography. This is often a more practical subject, and you can learn techniques from the pros in this area of photography. This subject will show you how you can use your camera to take pictures that will attract attention and increase your chances of success in a business that is highly competitive.