Pros and cons of a free foreign brides site

If you’ve been thinking of finding a soul mate in Ukraine, it’s likely you’re considering which dating site you should join. There is a plethora of Ukrainian dating websites in the internet, and choosing good one is a daunting task. Should you try a free foreign brides site or a paid one? Is it worth it to go for a large platform with a huge database of women’s profiles or it’s more use in contacting girls through a small local agency?

Ukrainian brides on an international dating site

You may read the feedbacks in the internet or ask your friends for advice, but every love story is unique, and you never know where your destiny is waiting for you. However, you can follow general recommendations and therefore reduce the chances of ending up disappointed and with a broken heart. So should you join a free foreign brides site? Or would it be safer to go for a paid option. Well, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to free dating sites. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Pros of joining a free dating site

Why should you pay for anything if it’s offered for free? Why should you buy a CD with your favourite songs if they’re available on YouTube? Why should you pay for international phone calls if there is Skype? However, with international dating websites things are a bit different. Let’s have a look at advantages of a free dating site first:

You’re losing nothing in terms of money

No matter whether you find a Ukrainian girlfriend on a free site or not, you’re not losing anything. You don’t spend a cent on joining a website and contacting sexy Ukrainian women. If you manage to meet someone and start a romantic relationship – great, if there is no one suitable for you – well, at least you didn’t spend any money.

It will give you a feel of what it’s like to date internationally

You will meet all sorts of people on a free foreign bride site. There are lots of girls from Ukraine searching for a husband abroad. The majority of them are serious about finding a life partner and start a family with a western man. Others are only testing the waters, yet others are actually married, but they still talk to foreign online in order to boost their self-esteem. By talking to different women, you’ll get more experience in the whole online dating scene, and it will be easier for you to make out what exactly you’re looking for.

Cons of joining a free foreign brides site

In spite of seemingly attractive options of a free dating site, there are quite a few pitfalls you should be aware of. Let’s discuss possible disadvantages of joining a dating website for free.

It’s a hub for scammers, swindlers and fraudsters

Profiles on free dating sites are not moderated, so everyone can join without any identity proof. A scammer can upload dozens of profiles with stolen photos of gorgeous models, singers and actresses. They will talk to you very sweetly and promise the eternal love, but the only purpose of a scammer is to get your money.

Beautiful Ukrainian woman on a free dating site

Some of them are satisfied with relatively small amounts, others will work long term in order to catch a bigger fish. They will use all sorts of tricks to get into your wallet – lots of western men have fallen for Ukrainian dating scams in over the years. One thing to remember – no matter how sweet, innocent and trustworthy a girls appears to be, never share your sensitive information with her or send her money.

If a woman asks you for financial support before even meeting you in real life, the chances are she’s a scammer. Things are not that desperate in Ukraine as they were ten or fifteen years go. Salaries are still low, but it’s still possible to pull through without asking unfamiliar foreign men for money.

However, if you decide to help a girl you’re talking to, avoid sending funds through MoneyGram, WesternUnion or similar systems.

Everyone has a bank account in the world of today, and if she says that she doesn’t, there is 99% probability it’s a fraud. If you suspect that someone uses stolen pictures, ask them to talk to you on Skype. If they keep refusing to show up in front of a camera, you’d better start searching for the love of your life elsewhere.

There are lots of inactive profiles

It’s not uncommon for people to register on a free foreign brides site and stop using it after a week or two. No one bothers to delete inactive profiles, and they remain in the database of a site for years. You’ll waste a lot of time going through hundreds profiles without being sure whether they’re active or “dead”, real or fraud.

Ukrainian girls on free dating sites for romance and marriage

The search system leaves much to be desired

Reputable dating sites with paid membership offer an elaborate search system which helps you search for women according to your requirements. You can specify a woman’s height and weight, eye and hair colour, education, number of kids, profession, religious belief and so on. All these things are important if you think of marrying a Ukrainian woman. On a free dating site it’s nothing like that. You’ll have to go through hundreds and hundreds profiles of Ukrainian women, trying to find someone more or less compatible. And you would rather spend that time talking to the girls you like rather than aimlessly browsing through endless profiles.

There are very few communication tools

You need to use a lot of communication tools in order to make a long distance relationship work. They do understand this on trusted sites with paid membership. You can use a message box to send her long and thoughtful mails. You can chat via an inbuilt messenger. You can express your interest by simply pressing a certain button on her page. You can set up video chat sessions. You can even send her flowers and gifts by using the site’s delivery service. On a free dating site, on the contrary, you can merely send messages.

There are no support services

As a rule, a free foreign brides site is not moderated and there are no support services to help you out in a difficult situation. And that’s make sense – if a site doesn’t have any income, who is going to provide services for free? However, if you have a question or suspect a fraud, there is no one to complain to or ask for an advice. You can only rely upon your common sense, but sometimes it’s not enough for someone who is new to the whole online dating thing.

The target audience is not focused

As mentioned above, not all the women on a free dating site are searching for romance and marriage. When you come on a dating website, you automatically assume that all the people there are looking for the same thing – love, romance, a soul mate, a potential life partner. However, it’s not like that. There are women who are already in a relationship, but they like to talk to strangers online just for fun.

There are girls who try to boost their self esteem by getting compliments from random men. There are even men who hide behind women’s profiles – it’s not an exaggeration! So is it possible at all to find someone decent and reasonable with an audience like that? The answer is positive, but it takes lots of patience and good luck.

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The conclusion

The right choice of a dating website increases your chances for success like anything. Paid sites require a bit of investment, but you’ll never regret it in the long run. By joining a paid dating site, you’ll get an unlimited access to a huge database of Ukrainian women’s profiles. Each of them has been carefully checked, so you don’t have to wonder whether photos are real.

Memberships on these sites aren’t that expensive – you casually spend much bigger amounts when you date locally (consider all the romantic dinners, movie and concert tickets, flowers and gifts). However, if you’re determined to give a free foreign brides site a go, there is no harm in trying. Just keep your eyes open and trust your gut. Best of luck in your searches!

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