Is there any difference between Russian and Ukrainian girls?

If you think of finding a wife from Eastern Europe, you may wonder whether you should go for Russian or Ukrainian women. One would say there is very little difference between Russian and Ukrainian girls as they come from the same genetic pool. However, it would be mistaken to think that Russian and Ukrainian women are absolutely the same when it comes to choosing a good wife material.

There is a number of differences between these two groups of females that a foreign man should know about. Of course, every person is unique and there is no place for generalizations when searching for a life partner, but knowing some basic qualities of women from a particular country will help you choose the right direction in your searches.

Russian and Ukrainian girls speak different languages

Russian language is widely spoken all over Eastern Europe. However, they also speak Ukrainian in Ukraine and Byelorussian in Belarus. If you think that Russian and Ukrainian are very similar, it would be like comparing English and German. There are certain similarities in vocabulary and grammatical structure, but not more than that. Ukrainian is a very phonetic language – you write almost exactly what you hear. It’s more difficult with Russian though – you have to know quite a few rules in order to write like an educated person.

Also, Ukrainian is a very soft language compared to Russian which sounds a bit harsher. Actually, Ukrainian is the second most melodious language in the world after Italian, and it’s a matter of national pride for the locals. There are particular regions in Ukraine where they speak predominantly Ukrainian (mostly in the west of the country), and there are areas where Ukrainian is hardly spoken (east and south) – people prefer speaking Russian due to the historic and demographic conditions. If you speak basic Russian, you’ll have no problems communicating in Ukraine.

Slavic girls similarities and differences in looks and mentality

Differences in mentality

Contemporary Ukraine is a west oriented country, and this is clearly reflected in the views and mentality of the local people in general and women in a particular. Since the time of the Cold War Russians are known for being a bit suspicious of people in the west. In the world of today it’s not so distinctive, but the tendency is still there. In general terms, Ukrainians are mostly liberal, and Russians – conservative.

Under such circumstances, it’s much easier for a Ukrainian woman to adapt abroad. Life in Ukraine has never been easy, and in different period of its turbulent history people had to immigrate to other countries. There is a big concentration of Ukrainian people in Canada, Brazil, USA, and so on. They have learned to make other countries their home. If you marry a Ukrainian woman, it’s highly unlikely she won’t be able to merge with the locals after a year or two.

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Differences in external looks

Speaking of difference between Russian and Ukrainian girls, we can’t ignore the appearance. Slavic women are famed around the world for their natural beauty and stylish, well-groomed external looks. Both Russian and Ukrainian girls take a very good care of their appearance. If you walk along the streets of big cities in both these countries, you’ll feel like being surrounded by the most gorgeous beauty contestants.

 Slavic girls are always smartly dressed, their hair is perfectly styled, their makeup is on at any time of day or night, and they walk on high heels as if they were born wearing them. In spite of many similarities in facial features and body structure, there are also some differences. Ukrainian girls are mostly known as brunettes with lovely hazel eyes, while Russian women are often thought of as beautiful blue-eyed blondes.

Different attitude towards romantic relationships

All Slavic women are exceedingly devoted, caring and loving in a romantic relationship. It’s the primary reason why men from western countries flock to Russia and Ukraine is searches of a woman of their dreams. Having a Slavic wife is like a blessing for the majority of men form the USA, Canada or Australia. Girls from the Eastern European countries are feminine and faithful; they are excellent mothers and loving wives, that’s why sing;e Russian and Ukrainian women attract foreigners so much. However, if we talk about a difference between Russian and Ukrainian girls, the latter tend to be more assertive and independent.

Women from Ukraine have proven to be more ambitious in a romantic relationship. They do let a man take a role of a leader, but if circumstances dictate, they can make their own decisions and prove their point of view.

Slavic women are taught to be patient and humble, but these days the majority of ladies in Ukraine are not willing to give concessions when they fell they are right. And it’s a wonderful character trait. An average Ukrainian woman is neither subservient no dominating. She’s an equal partner , and any decent man with high self-esteem would be glad to have her by his side.

Russian and Ukrainian girls for dating and marriage

Views on family values

Is there any difference between Russian and Ukrainian girls when it comes to family values? Not really. All the women in the Eastern European countries are brought up to be the perfect guardians of traditional set of values . No matter how educated and successful a woman is, she can’t possibly be happy without a husband and kids. Every single woman in Ukraine and Russia strives to start a happy family and raise her kids, no matter what she says or how free she spirited tries to appear.

Traditionally, girls in Russia and Ukraine used to get married very early in life. Only a small percentage of Slavic women get married at the age of 18 these days. Graduating from a college or university first is highly encouraged by society in Eastern Europe, because a woman should be able to bring up kids on her own if hr partner leaves her or proves to be useless and irresponsible as a husband. Nevertheless, a woman in her 20ies is expected to get married and have a child or two.

Once a Russian or Ukrainian woman becomes a mother, her kids became her priority. She’ll take an excellent care of them, she’ll help them with their home tasks (after all, she has a university degree, remember?), and she’ll make sure they’re nicely dressed and fed. If you want your kids to be brought up by someone loving, kind-hearted and caring, do marry a Russian or Ukrainian girl.

Slavic women are also excellent homemakers and cooks. Since they’re very small, girls are taught to do chores and cook all the delicious dishes of the Russian and Ukrainian cuisine.

If you marry a lady from Eastern Europe, you’ll always have very nutritious and tasty lunches and dinners, have no doubt of it.

Ukrainian and Russian ladies on international dating sites

Materialism or financial awareness?

If you’re wondering whether there is a difference between Russian and Ukrainian girls where financial security is concerned, the answer is yes. Russian women are known to be exceedingly romantic, they value love above all. Ukrainian women are not exactly materialistic, but they are more down-to-earth when it comes to material possessions. They prefer to be realistic , and most probably they’ll try to find out whether you can be a good provider for the family. It matters to them what kind of house you live in and how much you earn. This is something to remember when wondering how to win the heart of Ukrainian women. And no, they’re not being mercenary, it’s only natural to care about the financial well being of your future family.

So, there is a difference between Russian and Ukrainian girls who join international dating sites in searches of a foreign husband, but to know exactly what suits you best you should talk to quite a few women from both groups. You never know where you may find your happiness. Best of luck in your searches!

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