What Russian women are wary of in marrying a foreigner

Many Russian women are wary of marrying a foreigner. Once abroad, they are separated from the usual circle of relatives, friends and colleagues that could advise them what to do and what not to do in various circumstances. Legal marriage with a foreigner will force one to obey laws of the country where the marriage took place. Let’s look at typical fears and “stopping factors” preventing Russian women from engaging in legal long-term relationships with foreigners.

Rights and legal status abroad

In most countries existing law doesn’t allow married women all the rights until they have legal citizenship. The process of getting the status of a legal citizen may take several years, depending on the country of residence. In Russia women know what their rights precisely are and acquainted with norms and procedures regarding marriage, divorce, having children, custody procedures, etc. Once she is abroad, woman may find herself facing totally new legal circumstances. This might not be an issue at all if the marriage goes smoothly and husband takes care about most of the legal procedures. But if something doesn’t go right and woman has to make a decision to break the marriage, this may entail serious psychological, financial and legal issues.

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Russian women cannot easily find a job in a new country of residence

Unless the husband is reach and is willing to let his Russian bride live as a housewife, women have to look for the employment. In most countries the language would be an issue. Laws require that everybody is required to pass the language exam in order to gain a legal employment status. For most Russian women possible language test is an additional stressful task that they might not be ready for.

Customs and religion of the husband’s home country

Each country has a certain set of established customs, religion institutes and norms of behavior. Many of those are entirely alien for Russian women. Familiarity with what is allowed and what is common in every situation is a necessary condition for women to feel comfortable in the surrounding environment. Unlike men, women are less prone to adventures. Awareness of the unexpected situations they might face could be in issue for Russian women deciding whether to leave her homeland and start new life abroad. Various religious traditions, unfamiliar to a woman especially may become an issue.

Issues with children

If woman is engaged in long-term relationships and is planning to have children, this could become a possible stressful issue. According to the law of most countries, the child would automatically become the citizen of the country where he/ she is born. Therefore, legal father will have all the rights for the child. If parents are separated, laws of most countries will force mother to leave the child to the father for the growing-up period. For any woman possible separation with her children is not only a huge psychological stress, but could be a lifelong tragedy.

Husband can change as a person once a couple has settled down abroad

People are changing. That’s a fact of life. While engaged in short-term romantic affairs, women tend to ignore hidden side of the character of the men they are involved with. They think foreign prince would remain a courteous, good-natured, well-bred gentleman forever. Or often they don’t think about any changes at all. But, once the happiest period of marriage (usually 1-3 years) is over, men are starting to change in terms of how they treat their relationships with wives. Most women are aware of that and psychologically prepared for possible changes in their male partners because they see numerous examples of that starting from their parents or friends-compatriots and are able to learn from those examples. With foreigners it’s different. Russian bride may know very little about socio-psychological background of a husband. Once the relationships are getting colder, all the hidden sides may become an issue.

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