Tips on communication on online dating websites

Writing proper emails, instant messages and commentaries to women who are looking for the partner on online dating website requires deep understanding of how female mind works. Attractive women receive tens and sometimes hundreds of messages per day from men. The chances are low that “popular” hot women will be reading your email at all. How to increase your chance of being noticed by a pretty hot woman? We suggest you consider following methods and techniques that would help getting her attention and engage in conversation with you.

Avoid copy-paste messages to women

This would be an ultimate mistake to send “prepared”, generic message to many different women without changing a word in the message. This is called “copy-paste” method and it is being used by spammers all the time. She will spot the generic content rapidly and will just stop reading further. What’s worse, she can even add you to her black list or file a complaint. You have to write strictly personal messages, talking directly to her. Do not start your messages with “Hey, beauty,…” ”Darling,…” etc. You’d be surprised how many messages from men are starting with lines like that. To avoid failure, start your message with her name.

Study her profile carefully before messaging her anything

If woman is interested in you, she would read all of your profile from top to bottom. Guys do not think like girls. Men tend to skip most of woman’s profile and concentrate on her pictures instead. We suggest you spend some time on studying profiles of women, especially those you are going to write to.Take time in finding something special in her online dating profile. Something that would interest you in talking to her, both online and in real life.Then use this information in the email you are writing her. So your email won’t be “copy-paste” as well.

Subject lines are hugely important

You can use a little “copy-paste” in a subject line of a message, but it must be combined with some information about her you have learned via her profile on online dating website. For example, you can start all your messages with “To the cute girl who…” and then add a little information from her profile. This may work surprisingly well. And, when she opens it up, it feels like you wrote directly to her.

Leave something for the future

Did you ever wonder why television marketing is constantly using line “to be continued…” when stopping their shows at the most interesting spot “until next week”? Of course they do it in order to hook a viewer so one will be dying to see the continuation of a show next week. You can use this in writing messages to her as well. Don’t spill everything you want to say in one message.

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Always put your contacts in the end of a mail

This should be applied carefully strictly to women whose identity is proven. Never give your contacts to women you have just encountered online until they prove they exist. You want to avoid scammers. But when you are sure this is a real woman who is communicating with you, always put your contacts in the end of your messages. One of the typical marketing mistakes is when they don’t put contacts in the end. Woman you are writing to might be interested in contacting you instantly for different reasons. Don’t be too shy and enigmatic, online dating sites are designed to put right people in touch. If you put the link to your contacts below the body of your mail it will increase response from women.

When you do writing it’s of more permanent record than when you are talking

Be careful with everything that you are writing. Many guys do not realize that communicating in writing is permanent unlike real-life communicating. While talking in real life you can always say “I am sorry, it slipped from my tongue,” “I didn’t mean it” in order to correct something, to do that online is much more problematic a task. What you wrote is left forever in her inbox, so avoid writing her anything your inner censor may think could be inappropriate for somebody. Besides, she may not get your sense of humor because you are not complementing your words with your body language.

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