9 tips on how to increase a dating performance

1. Don’t be concentrated to your looks

Of course looks are important. But they are not everything. For women is the way you approach that matters, not how you look. Women like groomed men, but most of women do not care if you are Superman. Even old men with bad teeth and balding head can have success with women.

2. Get advise and help from those who are experienced in dating

If you know a man who is good in dating women, ask him for advice. Some men are naturally attractive for women; they seem to have talent for this. Some have developed their own system which they would be willing to share with you. You can ask somebody who is good to go to the bar with him and just watch how he is doing it.

3. Go and do it right now

The more you have experience in approaching women the better. Don’t wait for miracles, but just go and try it. You will learn a lot about female psychology if you only get out of your “waiting” mood. They are not going to approach first, after all, and you can wait all your life for your date.

4. Set yourself as a challenge for her

When dating a woman show her that she has to invest something to get you, not vice versa. If you are posing yourself as a challenge you increase your chances. You will be more valuable in her eyes than most of the guys who are dying to get her attention.

5. Never complain about anything

Women do not like one quality in men above all – complaining about anything. Complaining shows insecurity and women despise insecure men. Keep up your positive attitude in any circumstances.

6. Get to know the way women are thinking

It’s a lifelong process of course, but you may want to invest some time in understanding female psychology. If you have female friends, ask them what they think about men in different situations, what they value in men, how they see their “ideal” man. You will start to understand a lot more after analyzing the results of your inquires.Women above all value men who understand them, not those who impress them.

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7. Instead of being needy act like you don’t care

Try an experiment. Wait until she calls you first or emails you first after you have “hooked” her, sparked interest in you. You will be surprised that most women who are interested in you will be willing to call you and to set a date with you. And they will initiate that, not you. Because what happens normally is guys are calling girls, and girls get used to it. If you act as if you do not care, you set yourself as something special and women like exceptional guys.

8. Learn the “rules of attraction”

Learn what attracts women in men. You can ruin your date if you say something inappropriate to her. No matter how good you look, how much money you have, which car you drive. Those are not the things that attract women primarily. If you have managed to spark an attraction in woman it will save you a lot of worries and wasted money.

9. Make sure she is ready for you

Prepare her carefully before trying to get more intimate with her. Don’t scare your date of, women hate it when guys are making passes without preparing solid grounds for them. Attractive women are being bombarded by sleazy looks every day and one wrong move can cost you a lot. Instead, behave like a gentleman studying while her behavior and try to spark her attraction. For girls what matters is romance, not sex. So the more you invest in fascinating romance the easier for you will be having intimate relationships with her.

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