Online dating. How to avoid scam

If you found yourself using online dating websites beware of scammers. Let’s face it – scam is flourishing on internet. Dating websites and services have always been especially lucrative for scammers. If someone is after the sex or is looking for his true love, he would rather lose his reason than would give up the chance to give everything he has for the hope to see the object of his desire.

Follow these basic rules that would help you recognize scammers, keep your mind sober and save your time and energy for those who truly deserves it.

1. Never provide the person you are communicating to with your email address. If someone is demanding your e-mail address shortly after she has contacted you, in most cases that would indicate that this is not a pretty woman, but a scammer.

2. If the person you are flirting online doesn’t offer you to chat via various video services or to communicate via Skype, please try to offer it yourself. This way you will find out if the person is ready to present herself visually. Scammers are criminals and would never go for showing their true face and therefore would never agree on skyping to anyone.

3. Make sure her profile is still there on the online dating website several days after your initial contact. Scammers normally remove their profiles after they got what they want.

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4. Ask the person you are contacting for as many detailed information about her as possible. If you receive vague answers or she is anyhow evasive, beware, this may be the scammer over there. Genuine woman who is looking for a true romance online wouldn’t find it problematic to answer any number of questions regarding her. Also, notice if they are reciprocal and are interested in learning about you more as well. For example, if she is not asking what is your marital status or how many kids you have while claiming to look for long-term relationships that is a good sign of scam.

5. Read messages from her carefully and pay close attention to details. While certain misspellings or grammatical mistakes may easily be the issue with genuine woman who is looking for her partner online (after all it’s not her native language she is using), there are certain signs that may indicate scammers. For example, you may receive message like “Have to go, got a lot to do today” which was sent at 3 AM her time. This is alarming combination that shows that something is not right with whoever is answering you.

6. Never send photos of you or video with you to the person you are communicating with before meeting her in real life. Scammers can use your photos to succeed in their shady affairs. Photos that represent you on online dating website are usually protected from copying and they should be sufficient to represent you visually to anybody who is genuinely interested in you.

7. If the woman you’ve just contacted and have interest in relationships with says that she is all-to-ready for meeting you and asks for your address and telephone number, don’t believe it. She might claim that she is about “to take a taxi and go right to you.” Or “she” may claim that she has some souvenir from her native country for you and wants to send it to you via courier. However intriguing that may seem, make sure you don’t give out any contacts of you prior to meeting her offline at the neutral territory. She may say that she is offended by your response or she may try to emotionally blackmail you otherwise, but those are good old tricks for scammers to pump out your personal contacts from you.

8. Never agree to pay for anything for her before meeting her in real life. Sometimes soon after meeting you online, woman might claim that she is in “urgent need for some money”, “she is sick and needs serious medical treatment”, “her mother/ children urgently need some financial help”. It may be some “innocent” demand “to put several dollars on her telephone” or “pay for her internet so she can keep communicating to you”. Decent woman who is responsible for her life and is ready to go on online dating sites looking for either short-term or long-term affair would never say to her future date something like that. Messages of that sort clearly indicate scammers.

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