Looking for the wife online: How to make sure she is free from her past

Online communications offer great possibilities for finding your future Russian bride. There are a lot of women who really want to find new relationship online. But you have to be aware of certain signs which you might want to consider while communicating online to your future wife. One of them is the state of her recent relationships with other men.

To be free from her Ex

If you want a successful long-term relationship, then both you and woman that you’ve chosen should be free, at least emotionally, from previous romantic relationships. This should go without saying, for there is certain “room” in heart and mind required in order to fall into new relationship. There are also commitments of other kind like “non-romantic” friendships, strong family ties, career, various hobbies, etc. Presence of any of that might be the critical factor for the ability of the partner to commit to serious relationship.

All new relationships involve some degree of risk and there are several stages of “readiness”, so at the end of the day you should decide for yourself. For example, you might find somebody who you consider to be perfect couple for you, but she happens to be in process of divorce and you have to wait until she is all settled and “freed” from her ex. What is important is that you ought to gather all the correct information on her from her profile and from what she is typing you online.

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Material situation, your future date is still influenced by her Ex

As a rule, person you’ve chosen online should be free of any other serious commitments like marriage or active relationships with someone else. However, while officially separated, women may be still living at their Ex’s house, fighting over custody of children or owing money to the former partner or husband. If her material attachment is the case, she is not really separated, but remains to be influenced by her Ex.

Normally, if emotionally she is over with someone, she would fight for her material independence. She may achieve it very fast and you just have to wait a bit, but if you feel that she is getting slow towards her material independence that might be a sign that there is still some emotional things that tie her to her current situation. The exception would be if there are children involved so custody and financial issues are in process of carrying out in practice.

They keep comparing you to their ex-husband, ex-partner, etc.

If she compares you with her Ex, it means only one thing: she is still somehow attached to her emotional past. If the comparison is negative for you like ”my Ex is smarter than you are”, or “my Ex would have made me a compliment”, then, it’s a sign that this woman is not ready to fall in love with you. Positive comparison should warn you too. “You are better looking than my Ex” or “you probably have healthier views than my Ex”. In practice it means that she still has negative energy accumulated for her Ex and her heart and mind are busy with this negative energy. And, more importantly, it means that when she is evaluating you, she in fact evaluates her Ex as compared to you. In other words, you just serve as a showcase for her to assure herself that her Ex was not worth it.

Of course, it makes sense when someone mentions her Ex as he was the part of her life for a long time in the same manner as her parents, job, etc. But it’s difficult to be in the place of some sort of object of comparative research, even for a moment. You would probably want somebody who is committed to you and you only. Pay attention to the context you are being mentioned alongside with her former infatuations and judge for yourself.

She has split just recently from her Ex

Some women feel strong urge to go online and start looking for new relationships after they have been recently separated from their Ex. Loneliness, frustration and maybe some alcohol may facilitate her urge to be involved immediately in order to “ease the pain”. You have to figure out which category she belongs to – genuine searchers for her husband or just seekers of “temporary painkillers”. If latter is the case, they are not really after relationship with you and will be forever looking at you through her previous relationships.

This is the classic “rebound” effect and you need to be aware of it, however much the person protests that they are ready for a new relationship.

What means “recently separated”? Psychologists claim that there is on month of recovery per one year of relationships ratio. It highly depends on the personality of woman, but be wary of a woman who is less than half a year out of relationship which lasted two years or less than a year out of her marriage of any length.

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