5 steps to get the date from online to reality

Every single man using online dating services is aiming to meet the woman he is communicating online in real life eventually.

We suggest following five steps approach you might consider while embarking on your online journey towards a successful date or long-term relationships.The steps are interchangeable or can be omitted depending on a real situation, but you may want to keep in mind all of them.

1. Introduce yourself properly to gain maximum response from women you are interested in

You have to introduce yourself to her with creative message. Your message to her has to be different from most of the messages she gets from men every day. There are millions users of online dating webservices. Right now probably hundreds of single attractive men are sending her lucrative propositions. How to stand out of the usual flood? Do the experiment: set up woman’s profile and see the responses that you get. You would be surprised to see how ordinary most of the messages that women are receiving on online dating sites. Do some analysis and come up with interesting, funny and creative solutions.

2. Comment in a funny way on her profile on online dating webservice

If you really want to set a date with a woman you liked on online dating website, study her profile carefully first. Spot details. Then try to “bust” her using your observations on her profile. For example, if a woman has a funky dress, say “my grandmother got something like that in a second-hand store around a corner.” She will start making excuses and this will be an excellent inception of your dialogue.If you have noticed that she cannot spell correctly, you can bust on that. Write her “Are you sure you passed exams in your elementary school?” Again, this would make her involved in conversation with you and it’s not offensive for a woman because your busting is based on real details in her profile. Women like to post a lot of pictures; sometimes you see tens of pictures in their profiles. If you notice that she is overusing pictures, write her “Where did you find so much space for such amount of pictures?”

3. Pose yourself as mysterious, extraordinary person

Mystery attracts women. If you keep something about yourself “behind the curtain” that doesn’t mean you are weirdo, but rather entails that you have rich and extraordinary life. Women have to gain access to your “full” story and this would stimulate them to communicate with you. Do not open up at once, make it like a game. She has to approach you from one level to the next. Better pose yourself as an artist. Just write in profile “I am an artist.” Even if you have nothing to do with any art whatsoever, mere mentioning of the “art” as your occupation would spark an interest and attraction in her. Eventually they would be dying to meet you if you do everything else right.

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4. Ask her a lot of questions and qualify her before setting a date

To ensure successful date and future relationshipss you have to force her to think about you. Maybe not all the time, but she has to have a room in her head for you.You may want to start with asking her questions that would induce her chain of thoughts. Start with really simple questions like “What are your friends thinking about you?” ”What is your favorite type of food?” “Which music do you like and why?”Even with simple questions like this, she will be “hooked.” After all, women like quizzes and questionnaires much more than men do.

5. Ask her for a date after you got her attention

Ideally you want to get them to telephone as fast as possible.But without preliminary stages as we described above that would be hardly possible to get her telephone number. Pose yourself as a very selective and picky man, a man who is not going to spend his time on a woman who is not worth it. If you feel that she acts and reacts like an interesting person, the one you are willing to share your time with, just ask for her number and set a date.

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