How to choose user ID and email address for online dating profile

Choosing your user ID, your e-mail and putting the proper description in the headline are all very important for successful communication with women on online dating websites.

The process of getting acquainted with you via dating website is of several levels. It’s like buying a car. First one reads the information about a car, then one goes for the test-drive, after test-drive one can think about buying the car. If woman is interested in your profile, she reads it from top to bottom, word for word. You don’t want to be contradicting and incongruent in putting information representing you.

Let’s look at several strategies you may want to consider in choosing what to put in your profile on online dating website.

How to choose email address for online dating website?

Choose carefully the email address you will use for online dating websites. Make email address like something “communicational” and avoid lame and weird naming. You can communicate a lot via just the name of your address. You may even want to experiment a little bit on this and see how different women react on the address you chose. Don’t hesitate asking your female friends what your email communicates to them. In general, using funny and adventurous email address may work. But beware of congruency between all the elements in your profile on online dating website- your ID, your email address and your headline. If you have cool-sounding email address, but have a profile that suggests that you are “nice” or “friendly” guy, this combination may look suspicious for women. She can say later at some point “That’s not how I thought you were.”

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Create engaging and intriguing user ID for your online dating profile

Don’t tell them everything via your user ID. Save something for the future. Your profile on online dating website is like a brochure introducing product in marketing. If you put all the information about qualities of a product in brochure, potential buyer wouldn’t be interested in the product anymore.

Typical mistakes in creating user ID

If woman sees user Id “Lonely guy in Texas” or “Son of Superman” or “The last warrior”, she is not going to click on this profile. All of the above is too over the top right from the start.

On the other hand too “enigmatic” profile wouldn’t work as well. User Ids like “The sound of one hand spanking” or “spiritual relaxation in practice” may sound weird. Women tend to avoid messing with weirdos of any kind.

Another typical flawed name would be “G1111975”, or digits of your telephone number. While appropriate in some impersonal communications via internet, on online dating websites those names wouldn’t engage her in talking to you.

Your user ID should convey something about you

Think about something that is not over the top, for example “sailor guy”. If you are into sports, choose something that conveys that. For example “ski enthusiast” or “swimming skywards”. In combination with further description of you in your headline this would be simple and engaging solution.

Proper user Id would also be a good starting point in communicating to her via email exchange or in real life. You have perfect topic to discuss – “why did I pick this user Id for me.” You are engaging her, inviting her to be closer to you, to what you like to do in real life. After all, you want to find somebody who is compatible to you or shares some interests with you. And you can grasp right from the start if the person you are talking to would be a good partner in the future.

Your user ID and email address should be easy to remember

Your user ID and email address should be very easy to remember for a woman. Complicated, excessively loaded with information names wouldn’t stick in her mind for long. Anybody tends to avoid too much information. We live in the age of information stress and women are bombarded with tons of names, brands, labels in day-to-day life. On the internet, it’s even worse. There are literally millions of Id’s any woman is dealing with. So if you put something that is hard to remember you would most probably go directly to her “trash.” And, that is not what you want.

Avoid sexual connotations in your user ID and email address

What guys want to get on online dating websites? The answer is sex. At least sex is of most importance for men. But what women are looking for on dating website is romance, not sex. So do not express either in your user Id or email that you desperately want to have sex with somebody. Avoid the very word “sex.” You can come up with Id “romantic at heart”, but do not use “sex addict”, “sexual beast” or such.

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