How to be creative on online dating sites

Creativity helps succeed in every field of life and online dating is no exception. These days millions of men have their profiles on online dating sites and there is huge competition going on. For women that’s easier because they are by definition the object of the desire and not the ones who normally initiate communications via online services. Of course there are exceptions, sometimes women may stumble upon your profile and would find you so attractive that they would be first to write you. But most often women are aware of their social role as “being chosen by men” and play the game by the rules. Normally men should start communication and the more creative men are the better chance they will succeed. Women receive tens, sometimes hundreds emails and messages from all kinds of men and have become experts in spotting creativity and weeding out bores. What you want to aim at is the sparking of some interest in her via your message from the start that would allow you to get closer to her.

We suggest several creative approaches you might want to consider when writing women online, and we encourage you to come up with something of your own.

Write her poetic messages or just plain poetry

Poetry requires intelligence and imaginative skills and women value intelligent men. Communicating with poetry requires more skills. Even simple rhyming of couple of sentences requires some work on the part of the brain. Besides, women appreciate when men put more effort in writing to her. Like all the animals human beings use signaling devises to attract representatives of opposite sex. Human brain is actually sexy and art and poetry serve as sexual signals for females. They are starting to be interested in who is behind those beautifully or just skillfully constructed words that they have just read. Internet provides you with tools to combine your messages to poems. Try to use them and you will have better results in online dating.

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Try to surprise her with unusual description in profile

Make sure to work really good on your profile so it would stand out among the rest of the profiles. Just put some interesting angle on everything that you describe about yourself. Use metaphors, interesting quotations and try not to sound too pathetic. Women value originality and they really like to be surprised, but in no-harmful way. Originality will also imply that you’ve grown up and are fully responsible for your life because you can afford to be original in some ways. Don’t imply that you are weirdo for it may make her wary and communication with her will never start. The good start in creating a good profile would be to analyze the common profiles of other men that you see on dating websites.

Say her that you want to be friends first

Be creative in your step-to-step approach to women on online dating services. A good strategy would be to say that you want to be just friends with her first. While it may sound like contradiction with what your goal on dating website is, it actually makes a lot of sense. What it communicates to women that you are not desperate to get her immediately. Women and attractive women especially often meet stupid men who are very needy and desperate to get to her personally. So when you write to her “friend” message and casually suggest that you are normal guy who is just looking for somebody equal to talk to, she would appreciate that. It makes you even attractive to her. And, good friendship after all can be a solid base for future intimate relationships.

Ask women what they like about your profile

Have you ever met the representative of the company who is asking you “How did you find out about us?” They are doing this because they want to know more of where to put money in advertising. You can also use that marketing device and ask women what exactly they liked about your profile. You will learn a great deal from their responses that will help you improve your performance on dating websites. What this question also would probably do, it would make her think about you more via verbalizing and cementing her thoughts about you.

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