Finding a woman online: is she ready for serious relationships?

There are certain telltale signs which you may want to consider while looking at you chosen woman’s profile online and communicating to her. Keeping in mind those signs will help you identify if your future bride is ready for serious relationships.

In other words, you want to find a person who is as interested in serious engagement as you are and you want to recognize those who is just “looking for fun online” or want “casual” relationships.

Their profile says they want to “be friends first and see what develops”

Sometimes you can find profile which states that woman either wants to become friends with you or join her in visiting various clubs, etc. That’s quite frequent a case, even though it sounds rather odd. After all, that’s a dating site and “friends” rule doesn’t apply to romantic dating. In practice, statements like that mean that woman either is very wary of any relationships or she is in process of “getting finished” with previous one. In either case she is not ready for new relationships. Suppose you go the date with woman who says “I want to be friends first”. What then? When stage of “being friends” will become the stage “being in relationships”? It’s never clear and woman can always get away with “you agreed to be a friend in the first place”.

If woman says that she is in love with you before even meeting you

There are happy stories that started like this, but you must be aware of what “falling in love online” usually means. It means that woman has fallen in love not with you, but rather with the idea of you projected in her mind. Maybe this idea is based on your picture or based on your answers via email. Until you meet in person you’d better never assume that somebody can be truly in love because they have never experienced you truly.

This doesn’t mean you can’t develop genuine attraction for somebody online, but you should always reserve something until you meet her in real life. However easy or exciting it is to get carried away with an online relationship, beware of anyone who claims to be in love with you before you’ve met – this could be a person who isn’t really ready for a real, honest relationship with a real person, but is instead more focused on fulfilling her fantasy.

They don’t complete their online profile, especially the free fields

If woman can’t complete her profile online, she cannot be ready for long-term relationships. Always check what woman has put in the free-text field, however complete the basic profile.

Most online dating sites offer space to answer general questions such as “What kind of person you are looking for?” That is exactly the place where you get first vibe about the person’s intentions and other features of her personality that can’t be conveyed in a questionnaire type profile. Empty free-text fields might mean that this person is lacking in either effort or commitment in looking for a relationship. Or it might mean they lack imagination or creativity and just didn’t know what to say about themselves. If the woman is new to the system it is possible that they are still working on their profile – but if it’s still empty a month later, then this isn’t the reason. If they haven’t said anything about what they are looking for in a partner then it’s a reasonable bet that they haven’t really given it much thought and not ready for serious commitment.

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They want to meet you straightaway

Woman who is looking for a truly compatible long-term relationship should be as concerned to check that you are right for her as you are and not to waste time on dates where no real compatibility has been established. Wanting to meet straightaway is a sign of a woman being overly eager to enter into relationship status before really finding out who you are or whether you have much in common.

They stop talking to you online once a date has been arranged

Someone who is genuinely interested in you as a person will be interested in keeping on talking to you even if a date has been arranged. If this stops once a date is arranged this imply that they are primarily interested in talking to you only as a way to get you to meet with them.

They emphasize physical looks when they say what they are looking for

This can be a sign that the person is focused much more on finding a sexual relationship than on finding a truly compatible life partner. Of course it’s quite reasonable to say something about what they prefer physically and it is an important factor in the overall attraction to a person, but if it’s all they talk about, then this should be an alarm bell.

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