Female psychology: what women are looking for online?

Women differentiate from men in how they see online dating. In the end of the day, both women and men are looking for somebody to fit their expectations both in real life and on online dating web services. But in order to attract the type of women you are looking for online and understand how to communicate to her successfully, you have to understand how female mind works.

We suggest considering following cases and insights into female psychology.

Women tend to find men via keywords

Women normally have more or less stable image of a man they are looking for. Some women see her ideal partner as driving luxury car, some looking for a cozy home-sitting type of a male. Identify woman that you are looking for and try to imagine which particular features she finds attractive in men. For example, she may be interested in “sports” type. Put in your profile keywords like “interested in skiing, biking, swimming, etc.” You will have much more success knowing how female “search engine” works.

Women tend to avoid boring people

Most people live boring lives and cannot find anything adventurous. Women especially tent to look at most humans they don’t know as boring and predictable. The more attractive woman is the more boring messages she receives every day. However, in real life attractive women surround themselves with a number of men who they think are standing out of the rest of the crowd. To get into this “close circle” of attractive woman you have to avoid boring messages and generic information at your profile at all costs.

Add a touch of adventure to the information about you, maybe even a bit of craziness. If you said you are into skiing, add something like “like adventure so much so I could jump in the car and go skiing right now”. Add something funny. But avoid complete craziness, don’t write “I can ski at my rooftop and I don’t care if I end up with broken leg on the ground.” This would scare her out.

Women who are registered on online dating websites are lonely

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Female psychology: what women are looking for online?

Remember, women who are looking for men on internet are lonely. Or at least they are in the process of divorce or about to be breaking up with their previous relationship. Women like stability, so when they feel like their former partner doesn’t satisfy her in some ways, she may start using online dating websites to find a new partner and make sure her nearest future will be steady in terms of relationships. You have to keep that in mind when communicating with her and be careful not to address her as part of her family circle. Just write “straight to her”.

Women like to test men before getting to the next stage

Women like to test you whether you are the real deal, or the can test you just in order to figure out if you are what they think you are. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out online whether she is testing you because unlike real life situations, you cannot hear your voice and cannot see her body language. But if your inner voice says to you that “testing has begun”, beware. The best tactics would be to show her that you see her through. In response to the testing messages write something like “Is that a job interview?” This type of response will show her that you have a sense of humor plus intelligence and can even make her sorry that she has ever attempted to test you. It will work to your advantage.

Women like good humor and prefer to deal with men with developed sense of humor

Women are very susceptible to good humor. This is because women never quite know where they stand at the moment and prefer to play games before getting into serious commitment. They would appreciate if you would give them little “comic relief” from time to time. They don’t like you to be overly confident from the very start for this can scare them out. If women are looking for just “having some fun” or short-term affair, they would appreciate that you will tell them from the start that you don’t want to be with her forever. You will show her honesty which is most important. Women don’t like type of guy who pretends he is someone else for his benefit and when he gets it he disappears.

Women prefer lower commitments in the beginning

Women tend to avoid strong commitments and large number of opportunities given to them at once. They prefer to start with lower commitments. If you say “I will take you to theatre, buy you a drink and would read poetry and then you will take her to circus” it’s not going to work. Write her instead “we can meet for a quick drink” You will have much more success in meeting with women after messages like that.

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