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Your ideal profile on online dating website should include an engaging story that would invite women to participate in your life.

As humans we are learning things, we translate them into stories and movies in our heads. If it is a boring general stuff that is hard to make a picture about, nobody would be engaged in it. Because those boring stuff sounds just like everybody’s.When those stories are interesting and engaging, they are actually involving the reader to participate in your story.

Let’s see how one can use his profile on online dating website to “market” himself efficiently.

Create picture so woman could imagine herself in it

When you are selling the house you stage your selling proposal so potential buyers would want to imagine them into the house.And it the same with a woman- you want to imagine herself in your life. Instead of writing “I like to run” write something like “I like to run early in the morning, near the river, and the sun is glistening” so the reader of these lines can see herself into this picture. You can also write a headline- “looking for the sunset and you as I run” so she feels she can be part of this process.

Even simple headline like “imagine now…” would engage a reader deeply in your “story” and your life.

Create a beautiful story of your life

Catch them with story, with picture of color, not just black and white. If you can do that in three-four sentences, then you’ve got it. What it does, it engages her in visual picture where she can see herself in it. The typical mistake is filling in your profile with “I love what I do,” “I am really busy with my work,”” I am businessman.” Because that is not what woman wants to hear. What she wants to hear is what is that she and you would do together. Imagine yourself writing an answer to her request: “Please, tell me about us.” It’s all about creating a picture what she will be seeing, smelling, sensing and hearing in the background while you two are doing things together.

Always use “romantic” connotations in your stories

Use as much romantic connotations in your headlines as possible.Women are looking for romance on online dating sites, not for sex. Even if they know that affair is going to be short-term, there is romance component that is mandatory for every woman in order to fall into this affair. If you are describing what exactly you are looking for in relationships with a woman, add a couple of sentences about beautiful breathtaking romantic feelings you would love to experience with somebody. Avoid using word “sex” in your profile because “sex” is opposite to “romance”, at least in a mind of most women.

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Be precise in what you are looking for on online dating website

If you are looking for a Russian or Ukrainian woman just say so in your headline. You wouldn’t offend anybody else.

Practice shows that the more precisely you put info the more responses you would get.For example you can write “I am looking for a woman who is 35 years old, 6 feet height, blonde” and get actually more responses than you would get if you would write something like “I like women all sizes, all races, all colors.” Former example shows that you know what you are looking for, while latter may imply that you are undecided as a man and as a person. Women tent to avoid unbalanced men.

Even if you put in your description of a perfect woman “blonde”, brunette woman may easily write you because she would be teased. Her thinking would be “maybe you can accept me?” and it putsher in a “waiting list” to your advantage.

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