10 typical mistakes guys make when dating women

1. Getting close to her before she is prepared for this

If you have a strong feeling for a woman, don’t spill it to her immediately. Most women will be scared of because of this sudden move. You have to wait until she is ready to perceive your feelings.

2. Paying attention to your skills as a lover

One thing in female psychology you have to be aware of is that she perceives sexual pleasure primarily via her mental processes, not a physical performance. If you pay too much attention to your performance in bed without carefully tracking and tuning her mind, this wouldn’t impress her.

3. Paying attention to the looks and not paying attention to communication

There are a lot of super attractive girls who prefer having relationships with guys who seem to have absolutely zero looks. Still men keep thinking that looks are crucial in having a success with women. That is far from truth.

4. Being too intense and needy

What happens in her mind when she feels like she is being emotionally chased by you? When she feels there is your presence everywhere in her life – you are making calls to her two times a day, you are giving her gifts and paying her bills before setting relationships. One might think “But she is receiving everything I give her.” While that is true, in her mind you exist strictly as an option among several others. She is getting used to you and takes your emotional and otherwise investment in her as a given. And in worst case scenario, when she is independent enough, she might just stop answering your phonecalls and erase you from her life.

5. Not having a clear picture what is going in a mind of woman

Male and female minds are totally different things. You must realize as early as possible that on the same event your point of view and her may be completely opposite, even when your overall “intelligence” is matching. Women’s mind has strong emotional bias and forces her to perceive all the events as having an emotional undercurrent.

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6. Being too self-assured, bragging about your wealth or social status

Of course you are entitled to be praised for what you have achieved in your life. But it can be tricky with showing your achievements to women you are courting. Why is that so? The thing is that too much bragging and self-promoting when it comes to personal relationships can show to her that you are an insecure man.

7. Looking for the “signs of fate”

A lot of guys think that the “love of one’s life” will just appear out of nowhere one day. A lot of fairy tales use this story-turn in order to progress a plot. Unfortunately, life is not a fairy tale and usually women do not just appear for you out of thin air. Or, if they do, they may be not so much interested in you, but have their own things to pursue via “relationships.”

8. Being too courteous and mannerly, representing “nice guys” breed

Women always state that they prefer nice guys and gentlemen. That is what they are supposed to say. Actually they are interested in challenging, adventurous, sometimes crazy men. Nice polite boys don’t make them “click”, maximum what you can count on while being friendly and nice is her motherly feelings, and we assume that is not what you are looking for.

9. Convincing yourself that “you are not ready yet”

A lot of guys think that they are not ready yet to experience any dating, they have to learn more, they have to be fit physically, they have to make a proper hairdo, they have to go to psychologist, etc. You can wait all your life for the right moment until you have discovered that you are near your deathbed.

10. Not sharing your experience with women

This is typical to get stuck with your failure and to be ashamed to share your “failure” experience with your friends. There a lot of people around who will gladly help you in improving your relationships with women. Get out of closet and ask for a help directly.

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