Romantic date with Russian bride. The do’s and don’ts.

Having a proper romantic evening is extremely important step in building good personal relationships with women in any culture. Russian culture has an established tradition of courtship with the set of rules of what is appropriate and what is not. In order to avoid unpleasant outcomes try to follow the basic rules and techniques. Let’s look at the do’s and don’ts of Russian romantic evening.


Carefully choose the items of your clothing. Stick to the “classic” style. Suits, classic trousers, white shirts. Don’t forget a tie. Make sure your boots are clean. Make your clothing look cool, stylish and smart. Russian women would appreciate that. Don’t wear jeans, t-shirts, various sport items like snickers. Sport style, while appropriate in many cultures’ “modern date” traditions, has some negative connotations in Russian culture.

More relaxed, Californian or South-European style of dressing also doesn’t quite fit to the Russian female’s image of how perfect gentleman should look. Stick to good old classic way.

Act like a gentleman

Russian women value courteous, suave and mannerly men. It’s especially important to commit to gentlemen’s etiquette during the romantic evening. Don’t forget to open the door in front of her and to pull a chair. Study classic etiquette and keep in mind that proper manners are your visit card, even if they might seem to you to be old-fashioned.

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Romantic date with Russian bride. The do’s and don’ts.

Show respect for her culture and traditions

It might seem to be a superfluous task, but spend some time studying Russian traditions and learn a thing or two about Russian culture before taking your Russian date to romantic evening. Don’t hesitate to ask her how and why she thinks you are supposed to deal with small issues during the date. Most Russian women would not get offended with your ignorance and would gladly inform you what is appropriate for Russians and what is not.

Never show despise and disrespect for certain foreign traditions you might find ridiculous or silly. Russian women may take it personally while disrespect to her country’s culture can easily ruin things for you.

Sustain your Russian bride’s curiosity discussing carefully chosen topics with her

Make sure that woman you chose for the date is constantly interested in what you are discussing with her during the romantic evening. If the conversation on topic you’ve chosen doesn’t progress very well, don’t try to figure out what is wrong, just change it. Try to avoid long pauses and slow responses. Russian women might think that you have suddenly become bored with her or not interested in her views and thoughts on the subject. During your conversation don’t touch on sensitive topics like politics, women oppression in Russia, hard social and economic conditions and such. Women can easily become moody while thinking too much about the “hard” topics. Just pick common popular topics like sports, food tradition, Russian literature and ballet or culture in general.

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Be yourself, be honest and sincere

Russian women will recognize very fast if you pretend to be not what you are. They value sincerity and honesty in men above all. Just be yourself. Your relationships are not supposed to be finished after the first romantic evening, right? So stick to your true self and you won’t find yourself in unexpected unpleasant situations later in the course of your relationships.

Prepare the gift for your date, make compliments

Russian women are sensitive to any gifts most of the time. The more presents you make her the better. It’s especially important to begin your romantic evening with presenting her something nice. Just choose traditional set of flowers or small souvenir from your home country. Souvenirs from your land will make her feel you are connected to your culture. This is important because it will make you seem more stable person. Make her compliments but don’t try too hard or exaggerate qualities in her that you find are worth to note. Reserve for latter. Remember, sincerity and honesty must be the rule.

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