Avoid typical mistakes while using online dating websites

Women are looking at men’s profiles on online dating websites exactly like they choose groceries in supermarket. You are just a picture and bunch of text; you are one of those groceries they choose. Women have very good eye for those profiles that include “fatal” flaws. They just weed them out like bad seeds. What you definitely don’t want to be is to be excluded right from the start from attractive woman’s field of interest. If the woman has interest she reads all your profile. And, she is looking for some clues that would help her to figure out who you are. The same goes for writing her email or message. Those are your visiting cards as a “product” for her that she either picks up or weeds out.

Consider these examples of typical flaws.

Writing in capital letters

Avoid writing anything on your profile in capital letters. This would suggest that you are in some ways unbalanced, low self-esteemed person. Just write in normal regular letters so women who read your profile wouldn’t think you are some weirdo.

Make sure to check spelling and grammar

Girls do better than boys in correct spelling. If your writing is filled with errors, this will make her feel uncomfortable while communicating with you online. Also, if you want to find new relationships with somebody whose native language is not your own, and you decide to wrote to her in her language, make sure to write immaculately well. If you are not sure you are able to build sentences correctly in her language, just write in English. Nothing can be worse than writing personal messages in her language with mistakes in them. Conversely, if you happen to speak her mother tongue fluently, this could be a huge advantage, for she would appreciate your respect to her culture.

Don’t show poor self-esteem

Never indicate that you are somehow an unaccomplished person. Even if you feel like you have some areas in your personality that require development, never show this on online dating sites. Women tend to avoid low-self-esteemed men because women value stability and they are looking for accomplished persons to spend their time with. Don’t put “superman” qualities as well, for they often indicate that you are trying to “compensate” for your personal flaws with the help of unrealistic description.

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Don’t say that you have emotional problems

The fact that you have subscribed to online dating website might already indicate that you are not able to find your emotional balance in real life. So don’t emphasize this part of your personal psychology. Never write “I hate everyone around so I decided to look for better people online” or such. You will be weeded out immediately and the maximum you can get with attitude like that is her mother-like pity. And we assume that is not you are looking for.

Don’t say that you had problems with relationships with women in the past

If you had unhappy relationships with women before, don’t mention that. Also don’t mention that you have any problems with relationships with anybody, like inside your family, with your colleagues, etc.

Because this would communicate immediately to her that you are potential trouble for her personally in the future. However interesting you are as a person, don’t show her your anger or an unbalanced side. Women tend to avoid troubles and troublemakers and prefer calamity and peace.

Don’t show low social status

Women tend to be drawn to successful men, who are capable of organizing their life and gain higher social positions as a result. In other words, women avoid losers and whiners. Low social status doesn’t necessarily imply that you are loser, but for most women it serves as an alarming indicator.

Don’t be too accessible for women

Use words in your profile that would communicate that you are selective, busy, goal-oriented man. Write as if nothing can distract you, including a woman. Those qualities are much more attractive to women. Never communicate that you are not alright with yourself. You have great life and it would be even better and greater if you have found right woman. What you actually say this way is that you are convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that her life would be better around you. Just being around you is a value and she would benefit from just an experience being with you.

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