How to woo a charming Ukrainian blonde

If you’d like to have serious romantic relationship with a charming Ukrainian blonde, you shouldn’t get intimidated by her stunning looks. You may think she’s way out of your league, but truth to be said, the majority of girls in Ukraine are rather good-looking. Attractive appearance is not considered anything exceptional, it’s just a normal course of things.

It’s likely that her opinion about herself is not overblown like it would have been in one of the developed countries. So by all mean, try your luck and woo the girl you like. Sweeping a Ukrainian woman of her feet is no more difficult than sweeping an average girl off her feet anywhere else in the world.

Generally speaking, you should be chivalrous, romantic, caring and nice. That said, there are some peculiarities you should learn about before trying to court a Ukrainian beauty. They are an essential part of a dating culture in Eastern Europe, and understanding the basics will spare you lots of awkward moments or even help you prevent a disaster.

So here is your guide to how to woo a beautiful Ukrainian blonde.

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Try to impress her with your devotion

The right thing to do when courting a Ukrainian woman is to convince her that she’s the centre of your universe. OF course, you shouldn’t be too pushy and overwhelming with your feelings at the initial stages of your relationship – it can simply scare the girl off. But as you keep dating she should clearly understand that she means the world for you and you’d like to share your future with her.

Eastern European girls don’t take relationships lightly – they date only men who have serious intentions.

Even the most confident, self-sufficient and daring Ukrainian blonde is extremely romantic, deeply in her heart. Every girl in Eastern Europe is brought up dreaming about her wedding day and living happily with her prince charming. Slavic women believe that true love happens only once in a lifetime, so if you want to win a Ukrainian girl’s heart, try to convince her you’re the one.

Shower her with compliments

Women love with their ears, so make sure to give her lots of compliments, praising both her stunning appearance and great character traits. It won’t be difficult as most of Ukrainian ladies are unbelievably attractive and good-natured. All the Eastern European women take a great deal of care of their external look. Due to the diverse genetic pool many of them are naturally beautiful, but they also accentuate their attractiveness with carefully chosen outfits, cosmetics and stylish accessories.

You shouldn’t focus too much on her external looks though, otherwise she may think you perceive her simply as an exotic Ukrainian blonde. Make sure you mention her vast intellect, kind heart, compassion, optimism and what not. Try to figure out what she consider her biggest merit and praise her for that.

Surprise her with a lovely bouquet of flowers

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Women all over the globe love flowers, but Ukrainian girls take this love a bit further. According to the Ukrainian dating etiquette, a man is supposed to express his romantic nature and interest in a woman by giving her lovely bouquets. There is no lack of choice in Eastern Europe when it comes to buying flowers – there are lots of dedicated shops selling the most exquisite arrangements. Surprise your Ukrainian blonde with roses, gladioluses, chrysanthemums, orchids, tulips, daisies or lilies.

You can give her flowers either in person (make sure to come with a bouquet for your first date) or send it via a flower delivery service. She’ll be glad to receive some beautiful roses first thing in the morning. Or you could cheer her up with flowers when she has a busy day at work. And of course, you shouldn’t forget giving bouquets on her birthday or Women’s day (8th of March, it’s a big thing in Eastern Europe).

Make your presence in her life valuable

Generally speaking, single Ukrainian ladies appreciate men who are ready to help. It’s easy to say sweet words and give lots of promises, but when it comes to decisive actions a lot of Ukrainian men choose to disappear. If you’re determined to win her heart, you should prove that you’re not like that. Start showing how helpful you are in small things.

Bring her medicines from the nearest drugstore when she’s having a cold. Repair the leaking water pipe in her kitchen. Help her carry the groceries home. Small things like this speak volumes about a man. When she thinks about possible future with you, she should imagine a man she can rely upon, a great decision maker and a person she can trust.

Be the part of important events in her life

Whether it’s her birthday, university graduation day or promotion at work, make sure to share her joy. Reveal your genuine interest in important events in her life, and also in the lives of people she cares for. Family is number one priority for people In Ukraine, and the majority of girls stay very close with their parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins. If you’re going to marry your stunning Ukrainian blonde, make sure you fit into her family.

Act like a real gentleman when courting her

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The courtship period is extremely important when dating a Ukrainian woman. Girls in Eastern Europe give a lot of importance to the initial stages of a romantic relationship. What you have to do is plunge into old fashioned courtship. Offer her your hand when she gets off a bus, open and close doors for her, carry her heavy bag, move chairs for her in cafes and restaurants. And of course it goes without saying that you should pay the bill. Splitting bills is absolutely against the rules of dating culture in Ukraine. She’s considering you stingy if you expect her to pay her share, and being greedy when courting a Ukrainian woman is a bug no-no.

Improvise when taking her out

Even though you’re a stranger in Ukraine and she knows her home town much better than you try to surprise her with unusual locations and things to do when taking her out. Don’t limit your options to the movies and standard dinners:

  • Instead of sitting in a restaurant, go for a food tour. Instead of watching one more American blockbuster, invite her to the puppet show.
  • Instead of dancing your night away in a night club, walk in the local park and admire the stars (if it’s safe in her city, of course).
  • Go to the planetarium, museum, art-gallery, pet exhibitions and so on. Try to make your Ukrainian date as exciting as possible, and both of you will remember this time for years to come.

Give her gifts that speak volumes about your feelings

Exchanging meaningful gifts is also an important part of dating culture in Ukraine. You don’t have to break the bank in order to impress your Ukrainian blonde. More than that, in the very beginning of your relationship any showy and costly presents are considered inappropriate. Instead, go for something inexpensive and meaningful. A gift should speak of your feelings. Try to show your genuine interest in her hobbies, likes and preferences. If she likes reading, give her an interesting book. If she tries her hand at painting, give her an easel or a box of high quality paints. If she loves travelling, give her some useful travel accessories.

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These are only some general recommendations on how to win the heart of a beautiful Ukrainian blonde. But of course it goes without saying that every love story is different, and what works for most men may not work for you. Try to improvise and see what gives the best results. Follow your heart and express your feelings to the one you love. There is no universal technique of courting a Ukrainian woman. You’ll have to try different approaches in order to succeed, but it’s really worth the effort!

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