How to date hot Ukrainian girls – the ultimate guide

When it comes to dating those hot Ukrainian girls you see on international dating sites all over the internet, there are certain things you should know. Being prepared multiplies your chances for success and helps avoid common mistakes!

Show your willingness to visit Ukraine

If you approach hot Ukrainian girls through a dating site, one important thing to remember is to demonstrate your willingness to visit Ukraine. No one wants to waste time corresponding for years. Every Ukrainian woman on a dating site receives dozens or even hundreds messages from foreign men.

The majority of these men are supposedly interested in romance and marriage, but they do nothing to make a shift from online dating to a sturdy relationship in real life. That’s why it’s important to state your clear intention to visit your woman’s homeland. This will help you to stand out of the crowd and convey that you’re a reliable and trustworthy person to start a relationship with.

Choose the right destination when visiting Ukraine

If you come to the country without any prior commitments, you should to choose the most suitable city in order to meet your expectations regarding hot Ukrainian girls.

Large Ukrainian cities have no lack of beautiful women for dating and marraige
  • If you’re heading to Ukraine for the first time, it’s highly recommended to start with Kiev. The capital city attracts the most gorgeous ladies from different regions of the country. You’ll have plenty of chances to meet beautiful women on the streets, in cafes, malls and nightclubs. Besides this, Kiev is an easy city for a foreigner in an Eastern European country.
  • If you visit Ukraine during the summer months, consider going to the south of the country. Odessa is known as “the pearl near the sea”, and it fully justifies this name. It’s a beautiful and relaxed city with plenty of beaches and nightclubs.
  • Known as “the city of brides”, Nikolaev is no big city on the tourist map, but it has lots to offer to western men in searches of hot Ukrainian girls for dating and marriage. Same goes for Kherson.
  • If you’re going to the east, consider Kharkiv, the second largest Ukrainian city. Lviv is the most interesting city in the west, both in terms of sightseeing and dating the local women. Here you’ll find the most westernized versions of the Ukrainian ladies.

In most of the large cities you’ll find comfortable amenities, but speaking English might be an issue, so it’s recommended to learn at least a few useful phrases in Ukrainian or Russian (both languages are spoken in Ukraine).

Familiarise yourself with Ukrainian culture

Even though many Ukrainian women are willing to leave their country in order to start a family with foreign men, they take strong pride in their homeland.

It will benefit your relationship with a Ukrainian girl if you show your willingness to learn about the local culture.

Read a bit about the history of the country; learn about the most prominent poets and writers. Watching the Ukrainian television also helps.

Courting is an important part of dating in Ukraine

Hot Ukrainian girls enjoy the courtship process in a romantic relationship

When it comes to dating hot Ukrainian girls, it’s not advisable to go straight for the kill, so to speak. Most women in Eastern Europe are rather conservative when it comes to romance, and they appreciate a prolonged courting period before getting really intimate with a man. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t demonstrate your willingness to bring your relationship to a new level. After all, you’re in Ukraine only for a short period of time, and this time is not to be wasted. But if you’re planning ot skip the courtship, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be considered a worthy husband or even boyfriend material.

Another important thing to remember is that one night stands are frowned upon in Ukraine. Even very young girls, who are more casual in their approach to dating and romance, do prefer being in a committed relationship rather than having fun here and there. A woman after twenty five is definitely looking for a long-term romantic relationship and marriage. The majority of Ukrainian women are strictly family oriented, and becoming a wife and a mother is their number one priority in life.

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Act like a leader

When dating hot Ukrainian girls, you’re expected to be the leader on the initial stages of a romantic relationship. Men in Eastern European culture are supposed to be tough, strong and masculine, and they always lead ladies they date. You should be decisive and straightforward. If you’re uncertain and weak, a woman will not let you make any important decisions.

You should prove your ability to be a leader a trustworthy decision maker who is capable of solving problems or successfully avoiding them.

At the same time, you’re not to be aggressive and vulgar. It’s the masculinity of a real gentleman that attracts a Ukrainian woman. You’re also expected to pay for coffees, dinners, night clubs and movie tickets when dating an Eastern European woman. But it’s well within your rights to avoid other forms of financial assistance when you just start a relationship.

Show her how special she is

Many Ukrainian girls grow up with an idea of romantic love and meeting their Prince Charming. Being loved is extremely important for them. Yes, those hot Ukrainian girls with bold makeup and fancy hair style want to be treated like princesses and be the center of a man’s life. Showing them how special they are is the sure way to win their hearts. These are some of the things you can do:

Pay her lots of compliments

Ukrainian women are famed for their external looks around the world

Ukrainian women take lots of pride in their external looks. Beautiful appearance gives them confidence and lots of inner satisfaction. Quite predictably, they spend a great deal of time in order to beautify themselves. All these efforts eventually pay off – Ukrainian ladies are famed around the glove for their extraordinary beauty and glamorous appearance. When the girl you’re dating comes to meet you, most probably she spends a few hours in advance grooming herself. And it’s only natural that she expects you to acknowledge her beauty.

Make sure to recognize something specific about her appearance: her beautiful long hair, flawless nail art, distinctive perfume or sexy dress. She should know you appreciate all the efforts she takes to look attractive for you.

Keep in touch

Apart from taking her out, make sure to text her a few times throughout the day and make one or two phone calls. A Ukrainian woman likes to know a man thinks about her all the time (or at least often enough). Hot Ukrainian girls are rather sensitive and sentimental, so you should take this into account when dating them.

Texting your Ukrainian girlfriend throughout a day is a sure way to melt her heart

Buy her flowers and small gifts

An Eastern European woman will appreciate receiving small gifts from time to time. As we said before, you don’t have to overextend yourself with financial commitments and make expensive gifts. But presenting her with flowers or giving her perfumes, chocolates and small souvenirs will only benefit your relationship.

Speaking of presents, feel free to give some small gifts to her parents and siblings. Family connections are very strong in Ukraine, and if you’re serious about your relationship with a local girl, try to impress her parents and other relatives. A lovely bouquet of flowers for her mother and a watch for her father will be quite appropriate.

These are only a few tips to guide you through the exciting journey of dating hot Ukrainian girls. Feel free to experiment though!

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