How to breakup with your hookup buddy when you’re done

Too many people today have friends with benefits, since it’s convenient and modern. If all goes well and you suit each other as lovers, such an affair can last for years with just infrequent meetings.

But it can happen we’re just done with this buddy and need to move forward. Do not hesitate to breakup then, and it’s up to you in which form you will do that. It can be either polite or very decisive.

Should I ghost on my sex buddy?

Ghosting probably isn’t the best solution for stopping casual Vietnam hookup with your friend. But if they did smth wrong, gossiped about you, or took an advantage, you can certainly ghost on them.

Do I say farewell words?

If you think you’ll still keep on seeing this friend for common hobbies or any business, do not say farewell words. But if you’re about to start a serious relationship, be sure to say a strong goodbye.

Should I breakup jokingly?

If your understanding with a friend is extremely good and warm, you can certainly breakup in an easy-going manner and with humor.

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