How to be the best boyfriend for the beautiful Ukrainian ladies

Ukrainian women are quite unique in the World. They have a lot in common with their Russian cousins in the East, and yet, the Ukrainians are a lot deeper than that. The beautiful Ukrainian ladies aren’t that famous of an option as Russian ladies. Despite that, you shouldn’t date them irresponsibly and try to win their hearts not as hard as you would’ve in other cases.

If you truly want to be the best boyfriend for your Ukrainian lady and not some temporary fun experience, you should consider learning more about what can make her happy, unhappy and even mad. For that, let’s dig deeper into the Ukrainian culture, an average Ukrainian’s way of life and their values.

Whom you should date, first of all

That may sound like a silly question. Of course, you will date the beautiful Ukrainian ladies you like and who like you in response. That, however, isn’t the smartest approach. See, most Ukrainians really cherish foreigners, especially ones who come from the West. 

But Ukraine, being far from the apex of a civilized country, can use you naivety against you. That’s how, for instance:

  1. You may be surprised, but Ukraine isn’t really the safest country in Europe. People here, sadly, more often than you like, become criminals. And not the types who rob and kill, but also who like to scam and deceive. That’s why you should be careful around women who come up to you themselves and claim to like you. That can get you into trouble;
  2. And even if it doesn’t, there is another side of the medal. There are women who really like to live at the expense of others and don’t really care for you. These types want to build a good relationship as soon as possible

So, how does it regard the subject? Well, you want to be able to establish a healthy bond with your Ukrainian girlfriend if there’s nothing but materialist exchange between you. It’s all too easy to build a relationship if there’s nowhere to grow. If all you want is intimacy, then you’ll not break a sweat being the best boyfriend. Just give her what she asks of you.

But if you want something bigger, then you should consider meeting women who share your interests and understands you. That’s a bit harder, but you can learn a bit about creating a relationship with such a person if you keep reading.

Image of beautiful Ukrainian ladies

What how Ukrainian ladies unique, and how to be aware of that

Ukrainian ladies are somewhat similar to Russian women, mentally-wise. The former, however, have some distinctive traits that the latter don’t really understand or share. These may define a bit better what being a Ukrainian woman means. And as soon as you realize that, you’ll have an easier job getting your relationship to work.

They are really passionate

First of all, Ukrainians are a lot more passionate (unsurprisingly, Ukraine is considered a Southern country). What it means is not that they paint and sing all the time. Though, of course, that they do

It’s more of the fact that whenever Ukrainians pick up any strong notion or opinion, they will defend it vigorously. No matter what you do, they will chase that idea almost to madness. They may try to prove via most unreasonable methods, it’s both hilarious and terrifying. 

You should always mind your words not to lead the conversation to a fight. And when you accidentally did, you should at least acknowledge her position. Hopefully, it will be enough.

Truth be told, though, compromise is sometimes not an option.

Ukrainians are pretty diverse

Some countries let people of other nationalities into their country and call it diversity. Ukrainians, on the other hand, have always lived on the crossing of many cultural borderlines. This influenced them, and today the Ukrainians speak several languages and dialects among themselves, including Russian and Ukrainian. There is even a weird mix of Russian, Ukrainian and a bit of Romanian they call Surzhyk.

The Poles, the Jews, the Russians, and the Turks all contributed to the Ukrainian culture. People from the Western provinces, for instance, use a lot of Polish and Czech words. People from the East almost unanimously use the Russian language or at least use some words from it at their routine.

In short, the best you can do while staying with your girlfriend in Ukraine is not to assume people’s heritage. You can ask if you spot something interesting, but don’t judge or suspect things. The issue you raise may almost prove to be a touchy subject.

It’s true for many diverse cultures, but especially genuine for Ukrainians. They had their portion of a mess across the history, and still try to figure a lot of things out by themselves. They really don’t need your help.

What you CAN do to make a relationship better

An article about how unique the beautiful Ukrainian ladies is a great idea, but let’s focus on immediate actions you can undertake to make your relationship so much better.

Image of Ukrainian in airplane


You may be perplexed, but Ukrainians really like traveling, and not only across Europe. But mainly here, yes. The most popular destinations are Poland, Romania, Hungary and then Turkey and Egypt. This isn’t so, however, because Ukrainians prefer Eastern Europe and Asia to some other countries. They are pretty fond of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. But that’s what they can afford.

Citizens of Ukraine are allowed to travel to almost every corner of Europe without a visa. The only thing people need to go abroad is funds, they really lack them.

If you too lack this factor, it’s still much easier to travel to Europe with a European, as Europeans are bound to navigate better in this World, unlike the tourist from a country that barely speaks English.

Helping emotionally

Ukraine is a pretty depressive country, and, as a result, people who grow up here tend to get sad on minor occasions. That’s why your girlfriend needs your attention to cheer her up.

You don’t need to go to extremes to achieve this, what you are required to do is just to talk and absorb some of her emotional feedback. It’s really helping people who live or used to live in depressive environments and countries, like Finland, Hungary or Ukraine. 

Neither should you resort to it only when you can feel that she’s not OK, it’s so much better to do it constantly and not make her jump from one condition to another. Do it on a regular basis. 

Talking may not sound like much — because getting people to talk about their day isn’t that hard, but it really helps.

What you SHOULDN’T do to make a relationship better

Some behavior may not sound outrageous to you, but it sure will to those beautiful Ukrainian ladies you’ll try to hit on. So, check yourself with this list and try not to resort to these.

Get political

Now, whatever you say about the political situation around Ukraine — chances are, it will backfire because only Ukrainians can talk about this situation to a full extent. Remember that they are passionate and sometimes don’t tolerate opposite points of view, and drop any political subject you wanted to discuss.

Politics may not matter to her that much, anyway. But discussing the subject will surely dampen the mood because this stuff isn’t very optimistic for the people here.

Get condescending

Sometimes it’s so irritating that people get condescending and ‘sympathizing’ toward you for some reason. There are several such reasons in the case of Ukraine (you might guess them), and neither of them is valid. Sometimes people who want to be friends with the locals rush to tell how sorry they are for Ukraine’s current struggle with anything. 

Sure, being aware of that isn’t so bad. But, chances are, if you continue to remind your girlfriend about that constantly — you’ll get dumped. Because, for one, what do you understand about this? And, for two, why does she need to receive your pity? 

In conclusion

These are not a panacea from discontent in a relationship. But knowing some of these things may save your skin some time in the future. High time you’ve learned what you can screw up with, and not do such mistakes in the future. However, most of the feedback on how to be the best boyfriend will come from these same mistakes and experiences. So, don’t be too harsh on yourself.

But if you really want to know more about dating beautiful Ukrainian ladies, you might be interested in guides like this, or in watching a video like the one below:

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