Free Ukrainian dating site – should you join?

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, and this is absolutely true when it comes to selecting a dating site. If you’re looking for a free Ukrainian dating site, think twice before joining. You’ll simply waste our time or, in worst case scenario, will end up with a broken heart and much thinner wallet. There are plenty of free sites out there, and you may wonder why it’s necessary to pay if there are so many options that cost you nothing. Well there are several potent reasons why you should avoid free dating services.

Dating websites for Ukrainian women and foreign men

Free sites are poorly moderated and spammy

When you join a dating site, you expect a certain level of moderation to be provided. For example, every profile should be manually checked by an administrator. It’s nothing like this on free dating site – each member can create half a dozen profiles, use fake pictures and provide misleading information. On paid sites, on the contrary, members are often expected to provide an ID proof. There is no chance to tell lies about your age or place of living.

A hub for fraudsters and scammers

Ukrainian women scams are designed to take money from trusting foreign men who fall in love with their virtual girlfriends. Free Ukrainian dating site is a perfect place for someone who wants to run a scam – they’ll never be blocked or punished, because there is no one to complain to. Scammers are rather inventive and very convincing when it comes to earn one’s trust. A girl may ask you to use pay-per-letter services, because her English is not sufficient to read your mail and respond them properly. You’ll end up paying for every message being translated, and in the long run it proves to be rather expensive.

Or a woman you correspond with will ask you to cover her travel expenses in order to come to your home country for a face to face meeting in real life. You’ll send the money and wait for her at the airport in vain. Or she’ll complain about her problems so much that you’ll offer to lessen her burden. The options are virtually limitless, and there is no one on a free Ukrainian dating site to provide your hep and give a piece of advice.

Poor quality

Free sites are open to all sorts of people, and it gets very complicated to search for someone special in a diverse and uninspiring crowd. Many people who join a free dating site are not really interested in serious relationships. They just play around and have lots of fun. There are also people who are not single, but they conveniently forget about it. They just want to flirt with someone out of sheer boredom or to boost their self-esteem.

There are also members who have already found someone special on the site, but haven’t even thought of removing their profiles. Online dating has become a part of their life and they’re not ready to stop it. Lots of members sign up out of curiosity and then never use the site again. Their profile can be displayed for years without being removed. All this makes a free Ukrainian dating site a tricky place to search for love and romance.

Ukrainian women on dating websites for love and marriage

Unsatisfactory search results

Free dating sites don’t receive money from subscriptions, so they don’t care much for the functionality. On sites with paid memberships, search engine is one of the most important tools to bring people together. You can specify everything from a woman’s education to eye colour and number of kids – the more details you mention, the more precise your results will be.

On free sites, searches are rather primitive, so it’s not easy to find someone who actually has something in common with you.

You’ll have to go through thousand profiles in order to find a girl you like. To check whether she’s real, ask her to have a talk on Skype. If she keeps making excuses, most probably the photos in the profile are not hers.

If a free site doesn’t have a search feature that allows you to search profiles by last login date, you are also at risk of wasting your time over dead profiles. There are plenty of “member” who registered on a site out of curiosity and never came back.

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Why should you go for a paid Ukrainian dating site instead?

Don’t get discouraged by all the negativity described above. There are plenty of trustworthy Ukrainian dating sites where you have all the chances to meet a decent person for love and romance. According to statistics, men are for times as likely to start meaningful long-distance relationships with beautiful Ukrainian women if they take a proactive approach on a paid website. The advantages of joining a paid dating service include:

Better quality

Because people have invested in these sites, they seem to be more serious about running them. There is proper help and support on paid sites, and members seem to be more serious about finding someone special and starting a profound, meaningful relationship. This makes a paid service much more superior to a free Ukrainian dating site. They also require foreign men to provide their banking card details to subscribe, so each person can be easily identified. As a rule, Ukrainian women join these sites for free, but they have to provide ID proof as well. Under such circumstances, it’s not likely that there will be lots of scammers and fraudsters on these sites. Also, you can always contact an administrator and ask for help, which makes for a much safer experience when dating Slavic girls online.

Dating sites for Ukrainian women searching for love abroad

Excellent search results

Paid dating sites offer lots of features to filter out incompatible people and find your perfect match. You can search for women via age, location, eye colour, hair colour, number of kids, education, religion and so much more.

Also, women tend to be more active on paid sites, making sure to fill all the fields of their profiles and provide high quality pictures. They also respond to messages.

Paid sites offer all sort of means of communication to make your online dating experience interesting and diverse. You can exchange long letters with a woman you like, send her messages, chat online, set up video calls and so on.

You have a full access the database of women’s profiles, and it’s not prohibited to exchange personal contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses and social media accounts. This makes it so much easier to meet Ukrainian women.

How to choose a dating site?

The best way to select a dating site is to read the feedback of its previous clients. Don’t go for testimonials on the site – these can be easily faked. Instead, search the internet for a forum or blog where people mention the site you’re planning to join and see what they have to say about it. The chances are you won’t come upon recommendations of a free Ukrainian dating site.

Another piece of advice – don’t go for sites with a small database of girls’ profiles. Of course, there is a chance you’ll find your special one within a few minutes upon joining a dating site. However, for most people it takes lots of patience and work. To find a compatible person to share one’s life with, one has to go through hundreds or even thousands profiles. There are more chances to find your special one on large dating sites, so aim for those when selecting an online platform to join.

These are only some thoughts on why you should avoid any free Ukrainian dating site and use a trustworthy paid service instead. One has to be extra careful l when dating online, because unpleasant surprises on the initial stage of your searches can be a big turn off. Don’t get easily discouraged when searching for a Ukrainian woman – having a romantic relationship with an eastern European girl is a wonderful experience you won’t regret. Just keep in mind that the right choice of a dating site is crucially important.

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