Do I join you if I want a Ukrainian wife or girlfriend?

We do not supply Ukrainian mail-order-brides directly, but we reveal all possible knowledge in this area and connect you with some of the sites and apps specialized in Ukrainian dating.

Are there events for singles organized by your site?

No, we do not organize any real-life events currently, but we may mention some of them in our articles. We may also accept and demonstrate the information about them in form of advertising banners. In all our materials, we encourage our readers to attend offline social events especially the ones organized specially for singles.

Should I join your site if I am married and our marriage is problematic?

Yes, we do post a lot of materials dedicated to the problems in a family life. Therefore, joining our site is hardly recommended to all couples even on a pre-divorce stage. To happy and just-married couples we recommend reading our materials for preventing serious conflicts, for learning necessary stuff such as planning a family budget, and other harmonizing processes.

Are your services free?

Yes, the majority of educative and entertaining articles are available for free. We do not provide private consultations nor we give any contacts for that. However, our recommendations are common and universal so they can be used by any person or couple for improving their particular situation. You realize, that once you follow one of the links by our advertisement banners, you may be charged by the third persons.

How can I know your authors are really experts?

We never hire or cooperate with anyone who doesn’t have a diploma of psychologist, philologist, urologist or a similar specialty. We only accept the authors with the profound portfolio who already had their works published and appreciated by the Internet audience. However, we do not cooperate with extremely popular personalities since they already have their own blogs and expensive practices.

Are there any success stories from your other users?

We surely receive and collect our users’ success stories and testimonies. Many of them connect their eventual success with regular reading of our materials. 70% of them got Ukrainian brides and others improved their already existing marriage with our help. Some of those success stories will be published on the site when their participants are ready to share and make them public. Until then, it’s a confidential information.

What if I don’t have time for reading and need help in some urgent situation?

Unfortunately, we do not have a hot line with professional consultants. But you’re always welcome to contact us via email or Contact us form. Try to keep your question short so that our specialist can find a solution for you. However, we do not guarantee this kind of help and you still may search for the answer within our articles and blogs.

How to navigate the site?

Our site has a fairly easy structure and user-friendly interface. All sections are intuitively understandable and interconnected. Each article obligatory contains the hyperlinks leading to other articles with a similar subject. You can also use the Search field and/or ask our Customer support about help and assistance. New articles are added regularly so you may find answers to all your personal questions just by becoming our constant follower.