At what age are Ukrainian women looking for marriage?

If you look through a typical Ukrainian dating website, you may notice that there are women of different age groups: from girls in their late teens to mature ladies in their fifties and even sixties, Eastern European beauties are looking for love and marriage abroad. This brings you to a question, at what age are Ukrainian women looking for marriage?

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The tradition of early marriages

Since the earliest time, it was a tradition in Eastern Europe to marry off girls at a very young age. It lasted over centuries, and even now, in the world of today, it still goes strong. Ukrainian girls are encouraged to get married young. The ideal age for a girl to get married is her early twenties, right after graduating from a college or university.

You may wonder why it’s like that. Well, the older a woman gets, the harder she has to compete with young counterparts for the privilege of having a boyfriend or a husband. Due to various reasons, there are more women than men in Ukraine, and finding a male partner is a daunting task. Men, on the other hand, are spoiled with women’s attention, and if they decide to tie the knot, it’s usually with someone young and exceedingly attractive.

So if a girl wants to get married, to start a family and have kids, she’d better do that before it’s too late. Even if she gets divorced after a few years of a married life (and this is exactly what happens in most cases), she gets more respect from the society than girls who have never been married.

But of course, it’s the 21st century and there are bound to be some changes even in the most patriarchal societies. More and more gorgeous Ukrainian girls choose their careers over early marriages. They know that in modern world people are less restricted by geographical borders and immediate surroundings. If it’s difficult to find a partner in one’s hometown, it’s always possible to try your luck somewhere else. Online dating works miracles for couples all around the globe, and it would be foolish to ignore this option.

What is an average age gap between partners?

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Generally speaking, it’s expected for a husband to be just a few years older than a wife in typical Ukrainian families. But when it comes to having a romantic relationship with a foreigner, they don’t mind a significant age difference.

Foreigners tend to age slower than Ukrainian men who abuse alcohol and smoke a lot. A western man in his early forties is likely to be in a better physical condition than a typical twenty-five year old Ukrainian guy. That’s why age is not one of the most important criteria for Ukrainian women looking for marriage.

What she really pays attention to is a man’s true nature and life goals. She values her potential partner for positive character traits and attitude towards others. So it’s not uncommon for a twenty-year old Ukrainian girl to marry a western man who is thirty five years old and even older.

While it might be really tempting to marry someone so young and full of life, you should consider other factors, too. Are you sure a young girl is having the same life goals as you are? Will you be able to build up a lifestyle that will suit both of you? Are you going to have kids? These are some of the important questions to ask before you start a romantic relationship with a girl who is much younger.

Don’t ignore Ukrainian singles of your own age. Mature Eastern European ladies are extremely inspiring – just look though a few profiles on a dating site, and you’ll understand what we mean. They still look very beautiful thanks to extensive self care ad masterful makeup, and you’ll be amazed at how young they appear to be.

Also, they are very experienced, charming and wise. They know what they are looking for in life and what has true value. A mature Ukrainian woman is not likely to waste her time playing some meaningless games on a dating site.

Women of different age groups on dating sites

Although all the single Ukrainian ladies looking for marriage on dating sites have something in common, there is also a significant difference between ladies of different age groups. Let’s discuss this question in more detail:

Girls in their late teens and early twenties

Ukrainian ladies looking for romance, dating and marriage with foreign men

These girls don’t mind marrying a foreigner, but the whole dating site thing is like an exciting adventure for them. They start correspondence with many western men and have fun talking to them and getting to know them better.

If one of them manage to spark and interest in them, so much the better. They start an online romantic relationship and see where it can lead them. There is no pressure or hurry – everything unrolls naturally or simply dies off. At the same time, if you marry a young Ukrainian girl, she’ll be a dedicated wife and a loving mother.

These sorts of things come naturally with Eastern European women, so you shouldn’t be concerned about her young age. Even the most carefree Ukrainian girls are far more mature and reliable than their western counterparts. They appreciate family values and traditional gender roles, and are ready to take responsibilities connected with being a wife and a mother.

25-35-year old women

Women of this age group are the most serious about settling down and starting a family. The majority of them have already had some achievements their professional fields, and not it’s high time to get married and give birth to a child. So if you’re not sure you’re ready to tie the knot with a Ukrainian woman of this age group, don’t give her any false hopes.

Mature women in their forties and older

These women are usually divorced and with grown up kids. What they want at this period of their life is to find a compatible partner and to enjoy a quiet family life with him. They want someone to take care of, and they want to feel loved and appreciated. They already know for sure what sort of men have the most chances with them, so if they keep talking to you online, it means you’ve “passed the test”, and they consider a possibility to start a family with you.

When is the best time to propose?

If you date one of Ukrainian women looking for marriage abroad, you may wonder when you should propose. Well, lots of men write “marry me” in the very first letter to a Ukrainian lady on a dating site. Needless to say, no one is taken them seriously. If you date a Slavic woman online, it’s strongly recommended to postpone your proposal until you met her face to face. The reality of having being close to each other is different from talking to each other from a computer screen. You should be absolutely sure that this person can be your partner for the rest of your life.

After dating online for several months or so, you’re going to make a trip to her country anyway. Forget about making a proposal before that. When in Ukraine, you can take your date to a beautiful and cosy restaurant, order a nice candlelit dinner and enjoy the company of each other. Closer to the end of this dinner, you can express your love and affection towards her, and propose. If she reply in affirmative, that’s it! You can start getting ready for the big change in your lives. Make sure you find out about legalities, visa and other papers you might need when starting a family with a woman from another country.

But of course, if you are absolutely sure that you have found the woman of your dreams, there is no harm in proposing to her online. These were only some thoughts on when Ukrainian women looking for marriage are likely to accept your proposal. But of course, there is no strict rules in this game, and you can do as you please. Proposing her online won’t do any harm – every person is unique and every love story is different.

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