Typical mistakes that men are making on online dating websites

Popular statistics shows that nearly 60 percent of men registered on online dating websites and services don’t have any responses from women at all. Most men end up having only short exchange with women without any prospects. If you don’t want to be frustrated and disappointed, try to avoid some of the typical mistakes. Let’s see some of them.

Are you online to avoid real life?

Most single men experiment with online dating using various services, but the things that seem to attract them are not those that lead to success. A lot of men are using online dating because of fear of rejection in real life. And most often they put their profile online but have no responses. They don’t have rejection which they fear, but they also don’t interact with anyone. A lot of men use the internet as a sort of shield between them and the real world. So in the end they have even more frustration than before they started using online dating services because they aim for results but end up with nothing.

Are you online to avoid real life? It is not what the internet is all about. On the other end there is real world and you eventually have to go the date with real woman. You would get better results if you realize that Internet dating is not the end, but just a convenient and flexible tool.

Don’t be emotionally attached to the woman you talk online

Sometimes one can find himself emotionally wrapped in the online dating. That is truly amazing effect of online communications – emotional attachment replaces reality. Don’t let this happen to you. Draw some realistic and healthy boundaries. Don’t delay meeting a woman in real life after you have communicated with her for some short time.

Don’t do things like everyone else is doing

Study profiles of men on online dating services. Try to avoid banal and average approach to organizing your profile. The key of online dating is to draw attention to your person. Differentiate yourself. Attractive women receive hundreds of typical messages per day from men. No wonder they would probably ignore your message as well if the message doesn’t differ from the rest of the flood. Try to find original and unique way of constructing communications instead.

Don’t give up if she doesn’t respond

Almost all men are giving up when they see their approach doesn’t work. Most often you send her the question and have no answer in return. What does it mean if she is not responding? It actually means that she is not responding to the most men. If you want to get results you may want to try to get a bit closer. Try to send another mail. Of course it is not going to work all the time. But the time it does work and she is actually responding she is going to be all attention. She would think “the guy is persistent, maybe he has something that worth communicating with him.” But never send her emails like that: “why you are not emailing me back?”, “you are mean girl”, “you are hurting me much with your silence”. Send her something funny instead. Poke her in a way that doesn’t show that you care much is she is responding you. Don’t be weird and don’t show that you are needy because women tend to avoid needy men.

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Mistake of not posting a photo of yourself on your profile

Not posting the photo of yourself is the most certain way to fail on dating website. Man who doesn’t have the photo gets only one forth volume of response than the man who does put a photo Unattractive uneducated man who posted photo has a better chance of getting a response than attractive man who makes a million per year. There are many reasons why someone cannot post a photo- one might be afraid he might be spotted by friends or maybe one is unattractive. But for those women who see your profile, absence of photo might mean that there is something weird going on behind your profile. Not that the photo should be necessarily photo of you, it may be some better looking stranger. But beware that this touch of deception will backfire in time when you will have to actually meet her in real life.

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