Is woman you are dating online really into serious relationships?

Most women on online dating services put honest and adequate information about them while looking for serious long-term commitment with men. But sometimes, in order to have some fun or get money out of men, women may want to take advantage of those who are after long-term relationships.

Let’s look at typical warning signs of somebody who doesn’t play game fairly.

Look for details that don’t fit to each other

If, after certain time spent in communications with her you have suddenly noticed that information that she is telling you contradicts the facts that she had claimed before that is a warning sign that she might be cheating you about her “long-term relationships” intent. Women always want to impress men with slightly distorted information about them or tend to emit certain features about her that she might find unattractive, but straight contradiction is something else.

If you notice such signs, ask her right away how come she is saying one thing and then the other. Woman, who is genuine in her intentions, will eagerly explain that. And if she is getting evasive or blame you in mistrusting her, that’s totally different matter. Watch carefully for the discrepancies between information on their profile and in exchange of messages with you regarding their age, financial situation, level of education, how they make a living, etc.

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When she is not specifying basic information

Women using online dating services can be evasive about specifics of their current financial income or not identify clearly where they reside at certain moment. They want to avoid unnecessary attention and ensure their safety. But when she remains evasive about personal details such as the city she lives, the job she has, etc. after you have spent some time exchanging messages with her and have reached the stage where clearly you’re entitled to get to know her better that is a sign that she might not be into serious long-term relationships after all. Try to progress with getting her personal information from her, and if she remains stubborn, think twice.

Case of joke profiles that are not created by real women

On online dating services like everywhere else there are many “joke” profiles, either created for sheer fun or as a trap to lure those who could find the game worth it. You can find profiles that state that she is seven feet tall, or she lives in Moscow all her life and doesn’t speak Russian, or she is intelligence officer. Obviously woman who is into serious long-term relationships would never go as far as joking on her basic data.

Photo in profile shows that she either much older or much younger than women normally look like at given age

It’s rather frequent that women would show photos of them depicting her in younger age than she actually is. Woman’s appearance is her main weapon and asset after all. But sometimes this can go too far to be considered fair on dating sites. If woman says that she wants serious relationships with a man, states that she is, for example, 35 years old, but her picture clearly shows her in her early twenties that might indicate that her intentions are not real as well. Someday she will have to meet you and appear as she really looks like, so why pretend she looks not like she looks? The opposite case may as well happen. Some women may state that they are much younger in her profile than they seem to be at her much older looking real photo. They may want to be included in younger “pool” hoping that when somebody would talk to them the age wouldn’t matter. This is clearly unfair tactics and you probably don’t want long-term relationships with somebody, who is unfair from the start.

There are changes in the information about her after certain time

Women may play around with the information they give about them in their profiles. They can say they are of one age and after one month their profile indicates that she is 10 years younger. Or the case may be that she put certain information about her income, her hobbies, etc. and after some time changed them radically in order to attract more visitors to her profile. They could be desperate that no one is messaging them with her given info, or just could be aiming for certain types of men they are after. In any case, they are clearly not ready for serious relationships, which are based on mutual trust and honesty.

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