Female psychology: what women are looking for online?

There are many women in Russia who desperately want to marry a foreigner. Thousands of beautiful girls every year commit to long-term relationships with somebody from far away from their native cities and villages. There are many reasons for that. Most of those women are seeking long-term relationships with citizens of countries of more “civilized” parts of the world than their own native land. Or at least there is certain image that exists of a more civilized and prosperous life abroad. Marriage with a foreigner as a socio-psychological phenomenon has its supporters and opponents in Russia, but most female friends wouldn’t blame Russian bride had she chosen “better” life somewhere else outside Russia. Let’s see what are the main attractions, presuppositions and prejudices about marriage with the foreigner for Russian women.

Russian women picture foreign men as gentlemen

Average Russian woman always thinks of a foreigner as a man of higher manners than those that surround her. The grass is always greener on the other side, as saying goes. Numerous sources of information are responsible for creating image of a foreigner as a “knight in shining armor.” Well-bred, well-mannered, polite, considerate gentleman who wouldn’t ever even think of hurting women physically or emotionally – this is the image that comes to mind to practically any woman living in Russia. Since the times when Soviet Union was blocked from the Western world, millions of Russian women had very limited channel of information covering Western realities. And those were the movies and novels. Numerous heroes and pop-icons of Western world looked like an unreachable ideal of the real men that do exist somewhere. Now, when borders are opened to practically everybody, those ideal gentlemen became suddenly reachable and sometimes touchable

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There are higher standards of life abroad

Russian women are aware that the quality of life is better abroad than in Russia. Ecology, food, healthcare, service quality – foreign countries surpass Russia in nearly every aspect. Women tend to look for those places to live where they would get higher guaranties of a stable and healthy life. After all, every woman is preparing herself for having children in the future, so they seek life of higher standards for her future offspring as well. It’s frequent that women who already have children are also looking forward to marry the foreigner in order to ensure better conditions for their children.

Foreigners have bigger salaries

Even so the salaries in Moscow are at times higher than those in America or Europe, Russians always think of foreigners as earning several times more money than their compatriots. Regardless of the field or occupation, “they are just being paid much more.” No wonder Russian women want to have access to men with bigger and more stable income than Russian men have. Bigger salaries abroad also lucrative for Russian brides because, after getting legally married abroad, they would have access to better-paid jobs themselves.

Russian women want to explore new culture and learn foreign languages

This is not specifically Russian phenomenon. Any sufficiently educated or just naturally curious woman wants to expand her cultural horizon and explore a new culture. Just travelling might be not enough. The best way to plunge into the new culture is to be involved in long-term relationships with the representative of such culture. In other words, is to be married to a foreigner. Most Russian women also aspire to learn new languages. A long-term relationship with foreigner is the most efficient instrument for that as well.

Russian women just want to get out of Russia

A lot of Russian women simply do not want to live where they live. They are not satisfied with the life in Russia, regardless of the city or province they live in. Russian girls often feel unprotected and disappointed with Russian life as a whole. On the other hand, starting new life in the foreign country for lonely woman is not easy. There are a lot of complications regarding job situation, education, legal status. Finding a partner abroad therefore becomes the only means to leave Russia and start a new life.

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